Ph Meter?

DO NOT use the blue lab PH PEN! its very very unreliable. But the Blue lab PH PROBE is excellent, infact i wouldnt use anything else now. The Blue Lab combo meter is well worth buying for hydro grows as it gives u e/c,ppm,ph and water temps. Dont buy a cheap digi pen they fail quickly from my experience. u couldnt pay me to buy another Bluelab pen, they drift out wildly and need calibrated every other day.
The pH probe that comes with the blue lab combo meter is vastly superior to that used in the pH pen hence the price difference.
The good thing about the combo meter is you are able to buy replacement probes (they last about a year if you care for them properly and do not allow them to dry out) for about $50 which is less than half the price of a new pen (yes they last about a year too).

Unfortunately neither the combo meter nor the pH pen use double junction type pH probes (these are a bit more expensive) as these style of probes keep the silver inside the meter away from the solution being tested. Double junction probes last a lot longer than single junction in hydroponics environments.
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