DWC - Drip Irrigation Scrog 2400W

Welcome to hydroponic garden.

I currently have approx 40 Greenhouse seeds A.M.S in my aerocloner vegging under a T5 lightwave.

Grow space is 1.2x2.4x2m

For next stage of veg i will use 2 600w hps powered by 600w hacienda digital ballast. i will be using 4 600w hps for flower.

systems will be 5 oxypots, 21litres. 16pot wilma system, medium is clay pebbles

8in air out take and 6in air intake. Rhino carbon filter for any odours.

This may well turn into a double journal as i am also starting a 24pot iws flood drain grow under 6k of lighting, it just might be tricky to journal this too due to logistics as i have someone taking care of that so i wont be as hands on, i'll see how it goes.

So right now i am in the process of harvesting, so cuttings wont be transplanted til after the weekend. My cuttings are beasts, i get 100% success everytime and pot into just about any medium or system. They are on day 16 from cutting to root at the moment.

For those of u who have seen previous stuff by me, i like to add lots pics as u know. I want this to be interactive as poss so dont be shy and feel free to post.

I will be using a high defoliation method in veg and in flower and also placing a scrog net net in. Expected yield 70-80oz easy.

So here is my propogation system for those that havent seen my grows.





Trusty A.M.S mother, approx 2years old, potted in coco



Rooted cuttings day 16





I'll add pics of full setup after weekend once i transplant. Enjoy the ride! ;)
I expect 8oz per oxypot. This one is 3 weeks til harvest on this pic, but there is 2 weeks left now. barely trained at all and just let to go wild apart from defoliation. its not staked or scrogged and i think i'll get around 6oz dry weight. It was in a crowded grow space too. i def think with scrog and heavy defoliation and extra wattage can easy get 8oz per plant.



hi x, thanks for stopping by.

I thought it better to start a new journal after the disastrous end to last grow. Also this is in a different location thats easier for me to access, which should make it easier to journal for me.

I might run my flood drain grow in this one too, depending on if i get time and people want to see it.

Oh and my dwc plant is in PLOM contest if u'd like to vote :)
It's a testament to your growing skills that you can make a £4 seed look that good.
And that bonzai looking mother I would literally swap for My actual mother


Thanks for the compliment. These are actually clones from my Greenhouse seeds A.M.S mother that u can see in the pics. That was started from seed around 2 years ago. She needs repotted cos starting to get a bit root bound. She's a sturdy beast thats for sure.

Oh ive just noticed it says 40 seeds in my introduction lol, its meant to read as 40 cuttings!
no worries mate, that plant above looks great, thats a good yield for indoor plant,

its good yield but can def be better. ive grown monsters that produce 18oz under 600w hps. my target is 8 oz per 21litre dwc and it is very easily possible especially when scrogging. i love dwc but i grow many diff ways, just depends on what the location allows, or rather what the caretaker can manage with. I cant be at all my grows all the time so i need to be able to keep up with my lads experience. Thanks for the positive comment though mate.
its so simple mate, just keep temps in right range and ph. I lucky i dont have to adjust my temps in this grow space, they bang on 69 which is maybe tad high but acceptable. u diy'ing dwc or buying pots? just line with mylar to keep heat out. i suggest training as early as poss. i start after about 3 days after transplant, but i use big cuttings. Trust me go to aerocloning, u wont look back once uve done a couple attempts and u can transplant into anything, ive even managed to root in cloner then transplant to rockwool blocks which can be tricky
8 oz a plant would be an amazing yield.
consider me subbed!:thumb:
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