DWC - Drip Irrigation Scrog 2400W

I hadn't even noticed the change to MoTM until X's post above made me look. I'm not against the new method. I believe their hearts will be in it.

I am unaware of what the issue was for last month. Not going to look. I made my vote and it wasn't out of popularity. I'm pretty much a loner personally. What I mean by that is I don't hang out with people who smoke. I don't smoke myself. I do this to treat my elderly mother with Alzheimer's. I have 3 friends that do smoke and know I grow and try my end product to let me know how I'm doing. I don't know any other growers. So any time I spend here is to learn mostly, and to share with those others that are trying to help themselves or loved ones.

I rarely up until I was actually nominated (totally surprised) for MoTM even looked at the contests. I figured it was just a popularity contest too. And since I'm lessor involved I figured it didn't mean much to enter nug/plant, and I certainly would never be popular enough to be nominated MoTM let alone win it. So I'm not sure which contest is really more of a popularity contest if any are at all.

I am not in this thing to win over people. But I have gained so much from the information freely given by those that have come before me, that I feel I must pass it on to whatever small degree I can. So every once in a while I cruise through the hydro sections and respond to posts. Often it's newcomers to the site and/or method of growing. I try to welcome them and answer things that I feel I understand well and have something to contribute. I think the welcoming for the newer poster is valuable too. It helps in some small way possibly to make someone feel more relaxed and willing to ask the stupid questions they are afraid of, and for the more knowledgeable, it let's them know there's interest in whatever it is they may have to share.

I have gained from your posts. I'm sure others have as well. I'm also sure you've gained a few things from people around here. I don't get involved in any drama, and quite frankly rarely see it around here. Unlike many other sites for this thing we do! For the most part I think this is a pretty mature community. I encourage you to take notice of some of the BS that goes on at other sites. And fanboys? omg do they have them!

If I can offer you anything, it's just to let you know, the diversity of a community like this will have many many personalities. You're going to run into some you don't mix with well. Move on to the others, don't take it personally, and don't worry about it.

No matter what you decide, God Bless (and I'm not a religious type), and may you be satisfied in all that you do.

Hey mate.

Thanks. I was very upset at a number of things last week. Im not going to go on and on about it. Ive taken a few days to consider my options and ive come to the conclusion that i really do like being part of this community. I have learnt alot from here and given alot of my time also to helping others. The bottom line is that i just love growing and want to share what i do so others can see how wasy it is to do with a little time and effort. Im quite an emotional dude and i tend to be quite impulsive on decisions based on anger. This is a mature community for the most part buy there are several people on here that need to get some manners. That being said, im going to hang around for now but i wont be as active. Im just going to focus on my own journals where i can tell guys to go elsewhere if they dont like my methods or think im a dick.

Thanks for the post Bass....
I am glad to have found this thread. Imho poms etc aren't really worth while. Not enough to make somebody with plenty of character leave. Your journal here is looking informative and a good find as tomorrow I'm off to buy some dwc equipment and already thinking of upping my buckets to 6.5 on the back of you explaining a about roots needing more room than a 5 can give for a 1.5m plant... Don't go. Take a positive from the realisation that you just, from whatever place on our planet you hold, helped another human out. If you go good luck. If you stay..... Bless :)
Hi cultivator. as i read your profile re "are you a medicinal user" and your answer gave me hope. ? Please contact i aint 50 posts so couldn't PM sorry for ridiculous means.
Many thanks.
its so simple mate, just keep temps in right range and ph. I lucky i dont have to adjust my temps in this grow space, they bang on 69 which is maybe tad high but acceptable. u diy'ing dwc or buying pots? just line with mylar to keep heat out. i suggest training as early as poss. i start after about 3 days after transplant, but i use big cuttings. Trust me go to aerocloning, u wont look back once uve done a couple attempts and u can transplant into anything, ive even managed to root in cloner then transplant to rockwool blocks which can be tricky

Yeah what Culti said, 100% every time, usually in ten days
just another quick point with ams. its actually suitable to harvest any time after 6 weeks flower and u still get monster resin and good smoke.

Hey cult, I'm still trying to catch up on your threads. Forgive me if I missed it, but can you tell us a little about how you landed on this AMS plant? How many seeds did you start with? What was your strain hunting criteria? Did all the seeds produce same exact results or was there different phenos in the bunch?

Thanks man.
AMS was a fluke discovery about 5 years ago. i had ordered a bunch of seeds (around 100 if i remember rightly) called the church and they all hermied on me, i contacted the place i bought them from and they said they would send me out the AMS for free to try and the rest is history.

So ive grown maybe 300 AMS from seed. Ive never spotted any major diffs between the plants, they arent all identical but generally they have never given me any issues or any diff phenos that ive seen.

The strain is typically bushy if growing from clone but grows taller from seed with less branching than the clones. the heads are very heavy and it smells of citrus fruits, not skunky at all. When picking out a strain i look for heavy yielding but high thc and fast flowering for commercial purposes.

Its a very resilient strain that can handle varied conditions and heavy feeding. I prob sound like im advertising for greenhouse seed company but thats not the case and im not affiliated with them. But for me AMS is the best all around strain for a commercial scale production.

There are nicer weeds about for sure but this is no slouch. Best thing to do is try it and if u dont like it, dont grow it again! It definately grows best from cuttings though. Ive had very stable mothers from femmed seeds too which is an important point to make.
Thanks for the info. It looks pretty pretty and good yielder too. I've seen some poor grow reviews on it, but you know how people blame the seed. The fact that you're still growing it, says a lot.

I've tried about 10 different strains in the last few years, and so far, I have only found one I really want to keep. I keep buying the "new hype" strains, when I should be going with classics.

Have you ever grown any of the "serious" strains?
i havent mate. to be fair ive grown most of greenhouse seed company strains as thats what what i started out with wen i worked in holland years ago. i couldnt name every strain ive grown but ive only had bad experience with 1 strain from them.

most people complain without understanding how to get the best out of a plant. what works for 1 plant wont mean it works the same for the other. For me AMS fits well with how i grow. You have to bare in mind the length of time i grow start to finish, 11 weeks is a long time for me, yet i get results some people dont get after vegging 8 weeks. Its just knowing what u want out of a grow and having the right gameplan to tackle it.
Your setup seems prety close to my journal ive just started, i would love for you to pop over and have a look i need as much advice as i can get link is in my signature thanks bro hope to see you on there soon :thanks:
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