Alien Hydroponic EasyFeed System

Hello everyone.

Welcome to my new journal.

Strain: Amnesia Haze
Veg or Flower: Clones in veg stage ready to be potted into 22litre smart pots
Flower time: 9 weeks
Soil or Hydro: Alien Hydroponic Easy Feed System. Coco Coir.
Lights: Im thinking 4 or 6 600w duel spec hps but that may change and may use my 1030w Leds
Room: 3x3m tent with 12" rhino carbon filter and 2300cfm extraction fan.
Nutes: A mix of several brands that will be documented as we go.

So I am setting up the gravity fed EasyFeed system. This is the 16 pot version and 22litre pots. I toyed with put a bigger set up in with smaller pots but due to limitations with power I can only run 4000w of light max so 4 plants per 600w hps is what im looking at now. It may well be that I add more light or change to LED, just see how it plays out.

So the system has a 250litre res, id say this is the minimum size for any multipot gravity fed system. The reason being that smaller tanks struggle with pressure and getting the tank empty to all pots. I will build a platform around 2ft high so the res is raised so again increasing pressure. If I find the trays are struggling to fill I might adapt the system to a top fed drip system but i doubt that will be necessary.

The clones are currently in 500ml pots and well rooted. They will be transfered to the system in the next day or 2. they will be top fed until well rooted and LST and topped. I think I will scrog these plants also. Just depends how much time i can spend at the grow in the beginning because i go for an operation next week and will be out of action a couple weeks. The plants will have to be canopy managed regardless as the Amnesia Haze can get tall.

Heres a few pics of the system in the box, i will get some pics up of the built system in the next day or so and maybe get a video up of it running.






This is a very simple system. Bottom fed until the ball valve stops water coming into the tray, this can be adjusted to different levels but i expect these plants to take around 4 litres per day in nutrient in flower. There is a control unit with a shut off valve that runs on a couple of AAA batteries. It has a timer which can be set to allow for specific feed times. Ive been wanting to run these systems for a while but i just havent gotten around to it. If its successful here i will be running all my big rooms on these systems so im hoping it works well.

Lets get this show on the road....
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I'm hoping this system gets your thumbs up cuz I'd like to change everything to this system
Do you still use the alien flood and drain

Yeah mate i still have flood and drain set ups. I like them. But i think straight coco is harder to mess up and due to the fact i dont get a lot of hands on these days on most my rooms, it would be better to simplify the set ups even more. We see how this performs, i have a feeling the tank wont empty well once it gets under half full but we will see. i thought the pipework would have been wider in diameter than it is, its only 20mm or so. Would have been better if they had used the 32mm pipework they use on the flood and drain setups.
Today i will pot up the clones into the 22 litre pots. I think it will be easier to manual top feed for at least the first 2 weeks while the plants root in.

I have some fungus gnats in the small pots, so they will be treated with Bacilus and i will get some sticky traps down. I dont see it being much of an issue to deal with.

I will use straight coco this run and then next run i will do a coco perlite mix to see what the best mix is for this set up. Also I will place an inch or 2 of clay pebbles in the bottoms of the fabric pots so the roots arent sitting in unnecessary water while I first dial the system in.

I listed a full nutrient schedule in my LED journal and i will be pretty much sticking to that mix with some small changes here and there. I dont stick to a week by week schedule exactly, its more of a guide and i just go by time and how the plants are looking. But anyone wanting a week to week guide check it out here:

Cultivator's NinthPlanet LED 4400W

So my tap water is pretty rubbish where im based and it caused big issues for my LED grow. Ive decided to stick with HPS and I will send the panels to a location where there is better water and can be used more efficiently, I will do a further update on LED panels at a later date. The water is coming out of the tap at 0.7ec. Right now a water filter isnt an option, id run an RO filter but my property consumes alot of water already and i dont want to waste another 500-1000litres of water per week from using an RO filter. The tap water will work with the HPS lights.

I have some 0ec water that ive collected from dehumidfiers i have running in my property as its up to 90% humidity here at the moment, its a nightmare for mosquitos, they driving me crazy lol. on the plus side the high humidity right now is good for the plants vegging as its averaging 75RH with highs of 90RH. I will mix the dehumidifier water with tap water 50/50 to stretch it further but i have about 400litres of this water so be good for a few weeks or more until the plants needs increase.

I have to be careful here because my property hasnt had its power upgraded to residential power and it means my power is capped at 6kw for my property, thats not alot for a property of the size it is. Im going to renovate the property after christmas once ive had my surgery and got my illness under better control. Then it will run 3 phase power and for sure i will install a couple of good sized sealed rooms but thats a project for next year when im feeling healthier. I will also install some form of water filtration and/or rain catching set up.

So my nute mix this next couple of weeks will be:

Advanced nutrients Ph Perfect Micro Grow Bloom 1.2ec (assuming my starting water is 0.3ec after adding dehumidifier water)
Great White mycorrhizae added to coco on transplant and top fed once per week. 1 scoop per 10/12 litres.
House and garden Roots Excellurator 0.3ml/litre
Supervit 1 drop/4litres
Sensizym 2ml/litre

PH 5.8

I will get some pics up later of potting up and grow space etc.
Haha not a lot on ya plate then mate
Ye I no what ya saying about the Rez but surely they would of tested them before bringing to market only time will tell
My water is always terrible but it never causes me any problems i suppose it depends what's in the water to make the ec so high
I been loving the ionic coco for flower as you advised its simple for ppl but gives healthy plants I will be sticking to it
The an 3 part is very good aswell but I think it confuses my help lol even when I write it down
Take it easy pal
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