1. Up potting

    Up potting

    Ran out of buckets.... wash, rinse, sanitize, rinse... repeat
  2. Cleaned pots

    Cleaned pots

    Ready for up potting
  3. A

    Maximizing quality and quantity in this space

    Working with a 800 x 400 x 1800 approx (2.5ftx1.5ftx6ft) grow space looking to squeeze in 6 AUTOS hopefully using LST AND SOG ??? Anyway I have a 4 inch carbon filter Outlet Where should I position outlet on roof of cabinet or side Wall near roof ? As for intake I was told that enough...
  4. IMG_20180404_1133097.jpg


    Space Constraints!
  5. P_20180322_060812.jpg


    2Ltr square pots for biodegradable pots to go into.
  6. W

    First post but hope to become a bit more regular - 2 plants - 1 pot - Limited space?

    As stated, I have limited space. I'm in a 36"x36" square tent. I'm planning on my next flower run having 15 plants vegged for 6 weeks. I have a choice of using #1 pots (I think will be too small for a 6 week veg) or 9, 3 gal square pot that will fill the entire footprint of the tent perfectly...
  7. Fabito

    First Grow - 2x Autos Feminised

    Hello. Never growed before so maybe i will give you some info about everything. So before i will start grow my fullseasonal i just decided to create a place for it. While im doing it i just start germinate 2 Auto's just to see how it is. Now i know they are harder to grow but i will try ;) Im...
  8. D

    First time grower

    Hey guys, Looking for suggestions on where or who to buy from here in canada for hardware to get started. Pots for coco Lights, prefferably led Exhaust system Etc... Any help would be greatly appreciated
  9. B


    I use 2 gallonpots and i was wondering if bigger pots would help my yields
  10. N

    Questions on transplanting

    Hello all new to the site and all I can say is wow this place is awesome! My question is I'm going to run my grow in 5 gallon smart pots I was wondering if I can do the whole grow through these or do I absolutely have to put them in a smaller pot to begin with and then transfer to the larger 5...
  11. Mosspb


    Hey guys, So I saw this product on "the man, the myth, the legend" (and fellow Canadian) @Pigeons420 's video blog. (Which is awesome btw, seems like a cool guy to rip and talk cannabis with) and I'm wondering if anyone has given it a try? The pots aren't cheap but I'd love to give one a...
  12. bipolar

    When are the clones ready to plant

    I recently set up a deep water system in a 5'x5' tent. My first attempt at cloning failed. I have another batch of 11 clones that are starting to show roots. They are growing in 1 1/2" cubes of rock wool. They are Crop King CB Dream. When is it safe to move the clones into the pots in...
  13. B

    600W LED, First Grow, Soil, Auto OG Kush & Auto Blue Mazar, Stoned Henge

    Hello everybody, Welcome to my first grow journal! This is my second time growing, my first time growing resulted in a little under a quarter ounce off two white widows autoflowers. The small yield was a little disappointing but growing was a great learning curve and im ready to start again...
  14. F

    When do I need to use humidity domes?

    Hi, I planted my germinated seeds today in the pots. I've put a 1.5L transparent bottle of coke on top of each pots. Should I let it there? or wait for the seed to pop before I put it on? by pop, I mean out of the ground
  15. T

    3x3 tent - What final pot size?

    Hey guys, been a long time lurker. Now Ive finally got my first indoor grow going (about 3rd altogether) and looking forward to sharing info with eachother. So I have a 3X3 (to be exact 3'3"x3'3") grow tent with 400W (wall watts) of Vero 29 led's and ill supplement lighting at the bottoms of...
  16. philthegeek

    DIY Autopot Smartvalve setup

    So, doing a rearrangement of the tent to take some clones to flower before i do my next grow from seed. I had a watering system set up that gravity fed via a ball valve tap timer onto watering (felt) mat in trays. Bottom up watering into the pots. Worked ok, but had to get the timer set...
  17. SmokeyBear88

    Start watering pots before planting seeds?

    This is my first real organic grow. Should I water the pots a week or two before planting the seeds? Im using 3 gal fabric bags and auto seeds. I bought worm castings, coco coir, azomite, alfalfa, rice hulls and fish bone meal. I will buy a few other things like great white.
  18. S

    G'day fellow enthusiasts! I seek guidance!

    G'day gentlemen! Thinking of finally starting my own grow-box. Please advise me on this. My primary questions are: is the heat from the LED gonna be an issue in this small, hermetic environment, is the light sufficient and will it produce a min of 50gr/4plants/3months. Setup: 45cm x 45cm x...
  19. T

    Almost Ready for Coco Grow

    48x48x80 Tent 1000 LED (Will be picking up another next week) HPS/MH 400/600 (Taking this down) 1 floor fan, 2 smaller fans 3, 5, 7gal earthpots (which ones to use?) 10in Plastic Plant water catchers Advanced Nutrients pH Perfect Sensi Bloom Coco Part A+B Canna Coco Brick, 8 liter dry...
  20. M

    Expert advice?

    Hi everyone, I'm stuck between options on a grow tent setup. Don't know if it even matters anyways. But I've grown a few times already in my 4x4 tent using plastic pots with decent results. Now I have a 3 foot kiddie pool that fits perfect in my tent, but here's the deal. The pots are deeper...
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