Bassman Tests Greensun Cob LED With Flux - Holy Grail Kush - RDWC

Heya everyone. Welcome to what should be an interesting journal.

In this one we're making a test run of GreenSun LED's Cob Style. Amy, our rep here at 420mag sent me these to do just that. Test and offer thoughts and opinions.

These two LED's draw 109 watts actual, each. They are 3w chips. Seems low total wattage draw for my style of growing so I'll be forced to keep them smaller. A nice small flux method should work well.

There are 24 chips per cob, using an aluminum reflector, 93 degree lens angle.

Area of coverage and Lux:
0.8m (31 inches) height = 3890 lux, coverage = 2.43sq meter (95 sq inches)
0.6m (23.6 inches) height = 8790 lux, coverage = 1.62sq m (63.7 Sq inches)
0.4m (15.7 inches) height = 13450 lux, coverage = 1.43sq m (56 sq inches)

Using two lights for 3 plants should give me plenty of area coverage. But I worry the low total watts may be too little for full penetration with say anything over about 20" max height of plants.

Temps are running 81f at plant base with lights 22" above.

What is cob style? Cob style is several chips of different spectrum on a single board. Driven per board.

My grow tent is 4' x 4'.

Running 3 x 5 gal buckets, plus main res, in RDWC style, self built, using 1.5" pvc. I use a 396 gph pump, pushing through a 1/10 hp chiller. Water temps are kept at 67 degrees. All four buckets have one 3" air stone.

These are 3 Holy Grail Kush clones I took from my other grow that's in flower right now. This is an awesome strain with great reviews.

These pics are from the first couple days after transplanting into the buckets.

I topped these plants maybe 10 days ago, and topped them low for the flux style. The following pics are from today. I've only "pushed" the branches lateral a bit. I don't have what I want to tie them laterally, and mostly they are too short to do so as yet I think.


Thanks for joining in, feel free to comment, lets have a good time!
SR Welcome.

My normal growing methods are 1k hps with plants that run around 34" tall and very bushy. I've gotten as much as 12 oz from a single plant using my methods.

I don't think one can expect a 109w (actual draw) to penetrate 34" deep. That's asking too much for this wattage. It's for this reason I am altering my normal methods and going for short short and wide. I may or may not pull off the fluxing correctly, but I'll try to get LA in here to assist with his guidance on that.

Now if these led's were bigger, say 300w (actual draw) each (a guess), then maybe I'd feel confident in trying to duplicate my normal methods. But it wouldn't be fair to these lights now to do that. These lights should prove out whether I can get respectable yields and good solid buds and same quality or better as I have before.
Subbed :) Ill be here for any info etc. My phone battery is about to die so ill be back :) Awesome your fluxing!! :)

Ok Im back lol. Good choice of tailoring the style to the lights potential. Fluxing should do really well under LED so Im excited for sure my friend.
When you get to the tying down just go gentle at first is all id say at present. Also have you got anything to train against past the pot as depending on size of flux your gonna need something :)
So chuffed to see how you do, best of luck! :)
Hey bassman! I've bee looking through your journals and i really like what im seeing :thumb: . Im new to dwc/rdwc systems, so i wanted to ask do you clean your buckets during grow? And if you do, HOW? Or do you just drain the water out and put new in? If doing scrog for example its kinda impossible to take buckets out for cleaning with some monster bushes
@ LA, yea I've been thinking about the issue of growing beyond the size of bucket for training. Going to have to figure it out. Good to have you here for the fluxing guidance!

@CareStaker, Welcome!

@Kappu, no, I don't clean them during grows anymore unless there has been an issue. I just drain and replenish. I used to take each plant out of it's bucket and literally mop up every drop and wipe them down hard at res changes. Too OCD though I think. And it's impossible to do in mid-late flower for me anyways as the girls in my normal 34-36" tall grows have always had major bending, and require lots of string support. So removing them to clean is near impossible.
I'm doin good Cult. Thanks for asking. This pic here isn't a journaled grow. But I just took it moments ago. Approx day 21 and starting to defoliate. Only put one 15 min session in so far, but I'll hit them hard all day. Wish I hadn't clipped my fingernails last night!


Sorry not a great pic.
Hey Bassman!
Longtime fan LOL. Read several of your journals last year before I started growing.
I'd love to follow along as I am looking to replace my HPS with LED in the near future.
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