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  1. R

    Purple Haze grow attempt first timer LED & HPS

    First time grow in a wardrobe haha I have: 250w duel spec hps 600w led 2x fans Biobizz all mix Grow Bloom Fish mix Not phing as I've been told biobizz does it for you My plants were planted on 26th Aug this photo was taken today what do you thi k
  2. ZeroTolerance

    Night Meds: ZT's Merlot CBD Pheno Hunt, Soil Grow

    Hello again 420, I'm back after a few months of inactivity. This time I'm growing some (almost) pure CBD weed called Merlot. I am mostly growing it for use as a sleep med. I've found that a 10:1 CBD tincture is what works best for me, and really helps with my insomnia. Here are the specs...
  3. Dkmg01

    DK's Pub & Grow Part 2

    Pub & Grow part 2 Hello all! :woohoo: I'm from South Africa and will be Journaling my grow again. As always all and any advice or information is gladly welcomed with open arms. :cheer: First off! I'd like to tag and thanks those that have helped me : @Backlipslide @InTheShed @Preston9mm...
  4. thebear88

    Does plant look like an auto or a photoperiod

    At day 40 from seed and my first time growing, any advice for me that may help me and how long will I have to wait until harvest,, me thinks its a photoperiod, either og kush, or bcn xxl critical. Or it might be a blueberry autoflower I thought I lost when I germinated the seeds, dropped one and...
  5. N

    Asking for advice on Purple Kush DWC

    Hi looking for advice from anyone who has grown Purple Kush feminized photoperiod by hydro DWC I am going to try my first photoperiod grow and I am using seeds from crop kingI here they are a little bit touchy and need certain conditions to thrive Any one who has grown Purple Kush by DWC...
  6. DreamingTrees7

    DT’s Garden Of Pounds In Soil

    What’s up 420 magazine. I’m excited to start a fresh new journal with a brand new light and top notch seeds. My Set up Seeds- Dr seeds feminized Gorilla Alien, LSD, and Jacks girl Dirt- Happy frog Light- TSL 2000 watt Tent- 2x4x5 Air- 400 cfm centrifugal in-line fan w/ ducts 2x clip fans...
  7. L

    Best light schedule for veg photos and autos in same room

    What would be the best light schedule for veg phase when you have photos and autoflowers in the same room? 18/6 20/4 or 24/0
  8. S

    Shorty's Coco White Widow & Cheese Fem, 2020

    Hello 420 Community, New member and new grower, any and all advice will be highly appreciated! I am growing; 1 Feminized Cheese Fem (Native Seed Co.) Genetics= Skunk#1 x Afghani#1 Flowering Type = Photoperiod Indica/ Sativa 1 Feminized White Widow (Native Seed Co.) Genetics= south indian x...
  9. ZoomiePipes

    ZoomiePipes Poison Pineapple & Skunk Grow 2019

    So I’ve just started popping seeds on GrassMonkey Poison Pineapple and an unknown linage indica I’m calling skunk that was grown outdoors. I found a few seeds in the skunk. Both of these are photoperiod strains. I have a 100W “blurple” LED and 150W ECRU LED that I’m running in a 2x2x4 Vivosun...
  10. IMG_20190720_221214.jpg


    Day 3/ Week 2 ... Day 10 ... week 1 veg
  11. IMG_20190720_221125.jpg


    Day 3/ Week 2 ... Day 10 ... week 1 veg
  12. IMG_20190720_220737.jpg


    Day 6/ Week 8 ... Day 55 ... week 7 veg
  13. IMG_20190720_220725.jpg


    Day 6/ Week 8 ... Day 55 ... week 7 veg
  14. IMG_20190714_231000.jpg


    Day 7/ Week 7 ... Day 49 ... week 6 veg
  15. IMG_20190714_230935.jpg


    Day 7/ Week 7 ... Day 49 ... week 6 veg
  16. IMG_20190713_170738.jpg


    Day 5/ Week 7 ... Day 48 ... week 6 veg
  17. IMG_20190713_170728.jpg


    Day 5/ Week 7 ... Day 48 ... week 6 veg
  18. IMG_20190712_133719.jpg


    Day 5/ Week 7 ... Day 47 ... week 6 veg
  19. IMG_20190712_133707.jpg


    Day 5/ Week 7 ... Day 47 ... week 6 veg
  20. IMG_20190711_185011.jpg


    Day 4/ Week 7 ... Day 46 ... week 6 veg
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