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  1. Macho Munchies

    1st Time Grower Journal From Spain With Twin Plants

    Hello there fellow members, I hope everyone is doing well and chilling with their favorite strain. I’m a first time grower trying out an indoor grow room here in the warm and humid Spanish Coast. Photo: The Setup I’ve decided to join the forum in order to share my journey as well as...
  2. J

    First time grow

    so this is my first grow I wanted to try some different techniques and was wondering if anyone had some tips for where I am at in the process . The smallest one is a banana auto the rest are photo. I have only been bending the largest out of fear of topping but after reading up more I fee...
  3. Transkei Origin Nug

    Transkei Origin Nug

    An individual nug from the Transkei haul, rough trimmed
  4. Transkei Origin Sativa Nuggets

    Transkei Origin Sativa Nuggets

    A selection of early cure nugs from my Transkei lady.
  5. Photo 14 - ALP2.jpeg

    Photo 14 - ALP2.jpeg

    Alpine Star CBD 2
  6. Photo 13 - ALP2.jpeg

    Photo 13 - ALP2.jpeg

    Alpine Star CBD 2
  7. Photo 12 - ALP5.jpeg

    Photo 12 - ALP5.jpeg

    Alpine Star CBD 5
  8. Photo 11 - ALP5.jpeg

    Photo 11 - ALP5.jpeg

    Alpine Star CBD 5
  9. Photo 10 - RC.jpeg

    Photo 10 - RC.jpeg

    Raspberry Cough
  10. Photo 9 - RC.jpeg

    Photo 9 - RC.jpeg

    Raspberry Cough
  11. Photo 8 - Carnival.jpeg

    Photo 8 - Carnival.jpeg

  12. Photo 7 - Carnival.jpeg

    Photo 7 - Carnival.jpeg

  13. Photo 2 - ALP4.jpeg

    Photo 2 - ALP4.jpeg

    Alpine Star CBD 4
  14. Photo 1 - ALP4.jpeg

    Photo 1 - ALP4.jpeg

    Alpine Star CBD 4
  15. D

    Is my plant an autoflower or photoperiod? It's been 36 days

    Hello fellow growers, I planted 3 seeds 36 days ago thinking they were autoflower seeds, but 2 of the plants don't seem to be showing any signs of pisil hairs so I am starting to think they might be photoperiods instead. I started a different strain at the same time and it started showing hairs...
  16. Tez420

    Struggling with my plants

    Equipment: -5x5 Mars hydro tent - Mars hydro ts3000 - Vivosun 6” 440 cfm in-line fan - Vivosun 32 watt air pump - 1.6 in air stones - 5 gal bucket(s) wrapped in reflectix - 6” Netpots - Taotronics humidifier - Hydroton - 1.5” Rockwool cubes - Apera instruments pc60 combo meter Nutes: - GH...
  17. A very windblown mystery purple

    A very windblown mystery purple

    This image is all about the wind!. Grown from Purple Haze bag seed. My friend grew some in winter that went purple, so this is an experimental summer purple. The wind has been gusting and tearing through the garden for the last two days. I am growing this outdoors in a bag of ready mixed soil.
  18. WreckLoose

    WreckLoose First Photoperiod Outdoor Winter Grow 20/21: Gorilla Glue #4 & Banana Kush

    Bucket/Pot Size: 2x Five Gallon Fabric Pots Medium: Top Crop Complete Mix (Coconut Fiber, Blonde Sphagnum Peat, Vegetable Compost, blend of macro and micro-nutrients, Perlite, Leonardite) + added Perlite, Worm Castings, Diatomaceous Earth. Outdoor (Suplemented with a 50w LED to extend light...
  19. R

    Purple Haze grow attempt first timer LED & HPS

    First time grow in a wardrobe haha I have: 250w duel spec hps 600w led 2x fans Biobizz all mix Grow Bloom Fish mix Not phing as I've been told biobizz does it for you My plants were planted on 26th Aug this photo was taken today what do you thi k
  20. ZeroTolerance

    Night Meds: ZT's Merlot CBD Pheno Hunt, Soil Grow

    Hello again 420, I'm back after a few months of inactivity. This time I'm growing some (almost) pure CBD weed called Merlot. I am mostly growing it for use as a sleep med. I've found that a 10:1 CBD tincture is what works best for me, and really helps with my insomnia. Here are the specs...
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