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  1. Curious 3rd Pineapple Kush

    Curious 3rd Pineapple Kush

    End colours week 9
  2. Dmanlee

    Autoflowers Topped & LST Training - Pineapple Kush & Express, Cheese, GSC

    Will upload photos tomorrow already about a week in but just figured out all the stuff on site and feel like it would be fun to share . Grow I just finished 3 Girl Scout autoflowers with a total yield of 175 grams for all 3 and that was my very first grow.. Current grow strains that I am...
  3. M

    Seedling leaves in DWC

    Hey there, Day 5 from sprout: Question regarding my first set of leaves on my Pineapple Kush. They seem to be sagging a bit but color looks ok and it stands on its own strength at about 3.5in. This is in a DWC with top feed, Sensi A+B (Ph Perfect nutes at 230ppm). My LED grow light is 230W...
  4. M

    Sexing plant help

    Looking for some input on detemrining the sex of this plant. Is this looking to be a male or female or is it too early yet? This is an 18" Pineapple Kush, feminized seed, week 1 flower in a stealth cabinet. Thanks
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