1. M

    How to transplant from gro bags without damaging the plant?

    Outgrew the 3gal. must move up,how is this done compared to standard plastic containers?
  2. S

    Question about temperature and humidity

    Hi, I'm just starting out with indoor growing. At this moment one seed came up and i'm still waiting for the rest to pop up. So far so good. The problem: My temperature is very high. 40 degrees and higher. My humidity is around 10%. What can i do to improve this both? I have used plastic...
  3. T

    Abandoned Secret Closet - Cardboard Box - CFL - Grow

    So this will be my first grow ever attempted, im not sure the strain of the seeds but my buddy gave me them. I will be doing a secret closet stealth grow. Here's a list of materials. Lighting - 1 42 Watt CFL - 1 13 Watt CFL Soil - Miracle Gro Natures care organic potting mix (with water...
  4. Katelyn Baker

    Hemp Bio-DeGradable Plastics Can End World Pollution Forever

    What Is Hemp Plastic? Hemp plastic is a bioplastic made using industrial hemp. There are many different types of hemp plastic; from standard plastics reinforced with hemp fibers, to a 100% hemp plastic made entirely from the hemp plant. Hemp plastic is recyclable and can be manufactured to...
  5. Katelyn Baker

    Why Hemp Plastic Should Be Way More Common Than It Is

    Hemp plastic is a lightweight, biodegradable material that has the ability to replace most petrochemical plastics — so why doesn't it? Although the material has been legalized since 1998 in Canada and has begun to be used in the production of cars, musical instruments and water bottles, it is...
  6. HashGirl

    Quick Draw 500-DLX vs Arizer Solo

    My husband and I bought a new portable vaporizor for me last night. It's purple and called a Quick Draw 500-DLX. I liked that it was purple and that it said it could vape liquid, extracts and herbs. We've had some grapefruit shatter since about February, stored in the freezer but didn't...
  7. D

    Time to pot up?

    Hello All, It's my first time growing cannabis (or anything for that matter), I was wondering if it's time to move my plants out of the plastic cups into a bigger pot. I remember reading that it's a good time to pot up when the roots are growing through the drainage holes, but I didn't add...
  8. B

    Could a plastic sheet be used to create a sealed environment?

    If I were to take a large enough sheets of plastic, wrap it around the grow area, Seal the edges with tape as well as tape the tent to the top of the grow deck, and have it supported so the new " plastic tent" didn't touch the plant would this work to create a sealed environment for CO2...
  9. K

    Humidity dome - Am I doing it right?

    I have a small plastic shot glass that I'm using to start my first grow. I have it currently sitting in a thin layer of water in a Tupperware container. Then I put a plastic cup upside down on the shot glass, using the water to seal everything. Poked a hole or 2 in this plastic cup for venting...
  10. R

    Could LEGO Toys Soon Be Made From Hemp Plastics?

    LEGO is looking for a sustainable alternative to petroleum-based plastic. Hemp might be the answer. LEGO wants to switch the material it uses to make its trademark toy bricks beloved by children around the world. The company currently uses plastic resin (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene), but...
  11. K

    I know this is dumb but can someone tell me how to edit my profile?.

    Tried clicking "edit profile " and it wont work....I want to put up my non/materialistic ,never plastic profile...Thanx
  12. P

    First grow AK-47 and some cat piss

    we will see what happens if i can figure out how to add photos
  13. T

    Pollen sack storage?

    What is the best way to store pollen sacks? Can you use a plastic baggy?
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