please help

  1. H

    Need help, answers, ideas

    Sooo... I ended up running out of room in my grow tent. It's really compact in there with 3 plants. They are in flower now, and growing good expect one plant seems to be sick or something. It was the pride, joy, and most successful plant at one point but it took a turn for the worst. Won't drink...
  2. Liam300

    What’s chewing on my leaves?

    Hey guys! Thanks for viewing and helping me out. I got 2 auto flowers that are a month old. strain- Northernlightsxbigbud, purple haze Soil-oceanforest Ph-6.5 Cycle- beginning to flower Light- 20/4 Watering- every 3 days or so till slight run off Nutes-FoxFarm trio, just used cal mag for the...
  3. D

    First grow, two problems on separate plants, please help: week 4 into flower

    This is problem number one and its detail. I have no idea what this could be. It just looks like something white is on top of the leaf. Bit of this white thing is on nearly every leaf of the plant. This is problem number two and its detail. This looks like some kind of deficiency, but I don't...
  4. W

    Rhino Ryder leaf problems

    Hi guys. Realative new to growing so would like to ask your help. Ive currently got a rhino ryder thats nearly 3 weeks old. Ive notice almost since she popped that her leaves have funny markings on them. Does anyone know what this is. Roughly tested soil ph at around 7. She is in bio bizz light...
  5. Phillygrow13

    First time grower - Help please

    Please help
  6. C

    New grower problems only with Purple Kush strain seedlings

    Im a relatively new grower got myself some nice beans popped a couple now my green crack some out perfect green looking nice even bigger then the purple kush, the kush both seedlings started a week apart have yellowing of the veins and browning tips on some of the old leaves i started feeding...
  7. 4

    Help! Heavy smoker needs help to pass

    I've been smoking heavy for about 5 years now, i need to pass a hospital drug test, im not the skinnest individual i want to know if these detox drinks or pills work for a Hospital Drug test. i need this job and ive stopped for about a week and i know for sure that it wont be clean for months...
  8. B

    Please help can't find info

    Have had my big plant in new pot for a week and the top of the dirt at the edge of my pot got dug into and there were some damage to the roots!!! They look pretty new but can anyone tell me what might happen or absolutely anything they know about roots getting damaged! !!!!!
  9. W

    Serious question, need some advice

    Hello, thank you all in advance for your input. I was a very heavy smoker, multiple times daily for over a decade. I had a good amount of time for warning before my test so i stopped smoking about 2 months ago and thought i would be ok, however i just bought a home drug test and FAILED. My test...
  10. L

    Need Help I purchased a super soil Mix

    I fear I have done everything to late my seeds will be ready for a small cup or pot in a few days but I'm trying to be as cost effective as possible so every 2 weeks I get paid I buy things as finances become available. The time after mixing is 4-6 weeks before adding my plant to the new...
  11. G

    Sick/Burned Plants? Shall I Top Them?

    ok so im gonna keep this post shorter as ive had no reply to the last but im real worried about my plants!! i may have burned the top nodes of my plants with pesticides and they have gone from looking really healthy, to really droopy and burned,! shall i cut the top nodes/leaves off my plants...
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