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  1. J

    New growth vying?

    Basically, I have an outdoor plant here in Australia that’s been vegging for almost 7 months. It’s gone so well, grown in my balcony alongside 3 others (which are doing great?) same soil, coco and potting mix, same food and watering schedule and everything. Last week I woke up one morning to...
  2. flashmp3

    Should I flip to flowering? 13/11?

    Hi, I need some advice about going to flowering. I have a grow journal in progress but I guess it maybe not as visited as this forum. As I don't want to double post would you mind helping me? All the details of my question are in this post : Blue Dream x Tutankhamon x Green Crack...
  3. F

    Last posted by

    It's funny reading posts and looking what people are growing and what time they post to the site. Post time India early post late post Sativa lol
  4. G

    New grower needs some help for plant leaves yellow

    hi there everyone. i am a new home grower just started to gower lately. i am using groready coco for my medium. temperature is keeping at 75 to 80 C. they are being grow for about 16days already. somehow the plants seems to be not that healthy. the leaves look so yellow. i did kept my ph level...
  5. J

    First time grow outdoors

    Hey i am a first time grower, outdoors, could anyone help me out on something? ill post pics n stuff if someone replies, thanks ❤
  6. Ron Strider

    Cheech And Chong Help Maine Town Councilor's Video Of Boy's Calming Cannabis Go Viral

    The comic duo Cheech and Chong, who rose to fame in the 1970s and 80s with routines centered around smoking marijuana, shared an apparent Facebook post by a Standish town councilor advocating for the medicinal use of the drug. With the famous comedians' boost, the video post, which seems to...
  7. Q


    Has anyone seen this before? Oh, first post
  8. Ron Strider

    Canada Post To Start Delivering Marijuana

    Canada Post, the Canadian crown corporation that is the nation's main postal service, has said it will start delivering marijuana after legalization. The announcement was made at a conference in Montreal yesterday, with a representative from Canada Post saying the company will deliver...
  9. F

    How long would you guys say is left?

    First grow looking for info how long until these. Northern light girls. Are ready 5th week of flower. Photos are not great. I will post better one soon 1st) 2nd) 3rd) this is her when i first started too much streach sorted that
  10. K

    Once a lurker

    Out from the shadows, wanted to maybe post a bit. :thumb:
  11. Ian Bastage

    Why You Should Post LP Strain Reviews

    More & more it is looking like we will start legalization in Canada with product supplied exclusively by Licensed Producers. Certainly the eastern provinces are moving this way and the jury is still out what BC will do. Assuming this is the case, we could see a wholesale assault on dispensaries...
  12. P

    Growing 6 White Widow auto fems - 2 Dance Halls reg clones

    First real post for help thank you
  13. P

    Pharm's Chat Thread

    So being a new member and wanting to gain more ability's. Mainly voting on contest, requires 50 post. I know you all do not want random post from some newbie filling up your journal. Well this is the place for that. Anyone new or not is welcome to post and encouraged. The brilliant minds here...
  14. M

    Newbie - First learning grow

    Newbie... first post... first grow. No big plans but wanted to keep it simple so just growing in an Aerogarden to get a feel for things. Using Auto Speed Bud Feminised Seeds and current at day 17 post germination. Using Fox Farms nutes with CalMagic and keeping PH at 5.7 to 5.9 and solids at...
  15. T

    WWA ready for harvest?

    hey guys, relative newbie in our hobby here. This is the first time im growing autos. Check out the pics and let me know what you think if this baby is ready to harvest yet or not. Its kind of hard to tell the colour of trichomes. Some buds seems to show some amber, some buds are growing...
  16. G

    Hey you lot

    Finally joined :) got some girl scout cookies in flower atm will post pic soon :)
  17. R

    Just want to change username if possible

    help admin have some pics to post but dont want to post them under this user name if at all posible can i change my user name please to something more stealthy. regards Dan
  18. CO Finest

    5x5 With My UFO 320

    Week six is looking real good. Plants are building very nice frosty thick nugs. Will post week seven update soon. Thank you for stopping by take care :48:
  19. L

    Excited to join learn and share!

    Hi all I chose to post on this site cuz I find myself looking at it the most. I first started growing with a stepdad at age 9 ever since then I've been in love. A few years ago I got busted (well I didn't a partner did an pointed that ugly finger) for manufacturing an spent two years in prison...
  20. Jake Sully

    Gathering seeds post-harvest

    Hi All, My first post here, I joined because of this post by TheNuttyProfessor, who has sadly absent since May. If someone could shed some light on this I'd really appreciate it. >>> Life cycle of autoflowering cannabis re: Life cycle of autoflowering cannabis would like to add ...
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