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pot brownies

  1. M

    Need help on brownies

    Hi guys! I'm new here and will probably be using this pretty often as I now have lots of free time because my sport season just ended! Yippee! So anyways, this weekend, my friends and I are having our occasional get-together-and-get-f*cked-up party. We'd like to try something new: pot...
  2. preprodigy

    Whats the wildest and craziest food concoction you've ever made just bec your high?

    :welcome: Im hoping to get some ideas for delicious food combinations that i can eat while im high, not necessarily with thc in it, i dont wanna get that high haha, The man who smokes five blunts while satisfying his hunger with a plate full of cannabis brownies, drizzled them in hash oil...
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