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    Mixing my own soil: pH advice needed

    Hi guys and gals, so I have currently just made my own potting mix as I wanted to make a big amount for the tent and the garden for this years crops. my problem is with ph I made the mix with compost, perlite, a bit of coco and peat and added dolomite lime. when I tested the soil the ph was...
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    What soil do I use?

    Hi I'm a new grower and was wondering what soil is good to grow in. I was thinking about mixing fox farm; bush doctor coco loco, ocean forest potting soil, and Big & Chunky Perlite. Would you suggest mixing these? If not what mix? How much of each? Also how long after planting should I start...
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    When to start feeding nutes in this particular case

    I happened to grow with unfertilized Promix and Floranova Bloom (Lucas Formula) which I use for 2+ years with excellent results. (Since Promix is unfertilized, I never had any worries w/ nutes since I simply started giving them FNB as soon as they were out of the seedling stage) Now, I want to...
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    Is this potting mix OK? Questions about potting mixes and watering too

    Having such a hard time with growing (problems with heat, etc.), but this time I will ask about the potting mix we're using. It is an universal potting mix sold here in Spain and I had to look up the brand ("Sisanflor") and get information on what's in it. The mix consists of composted pine...
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