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    What do the colors mean on the temp strip exactly?

    Been testing today with my real p. Having another person go for me later so temp is key. I have it with a pad tucked. After about 25 minutes 98 is brown and 96 green and 94 blue. What does that mean? So what is the temp>?
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    Worried gal seeking advice and peace of mind

    Today I was drug tested. I was unaware that the company I applied for did this (even though my boyfriend used to work there he somehow failed to mention this.... ) I got the job, conditionally, and now it's all up to my test and background check. Now unfortunately I had no time to prepare. The...
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    I have a pre employment test in 48 hours Help

    SO I went to a interview and they told me they require a drug test. I didnt really think I would get the job so I went home and smoked my usual evening bowl. I have a cold and have been feeling really crappy. So today I decide I am going to take one hit to rid the head cold blues. As I am...
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