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  1. N


    Cool forum...Grew in late 70's...started again a year ago.....using LED's.. in soil....prefer it
  2. ResinSaurusRex

    How close to harvest?

    I dont have a loupe and I cant go buy one either. Don't ask. Anyway, based on calyx and pistils, this week, or next, or the following? I prefer a more spacey medication than a couch lock.
  3. P

    I'm seed shopping - Any fav strains?

    Will be vegging under 2 250w MHs. Then flowered under 2 600w HPS.. I'm using the flora series by General hydroponics, liquid kool bloom, and floralicious plus. I use promix. It's perlite mixed. I'd prefer to scrog. What's yall favorite strains. What provided u with top quality and nice yields????