prescription blend

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    Lots of prescription blend!
  2. Krissi Carbone

    2 Week SIP progression under the Cultiuana CT-720

    Hi growing friends! I'm throwing out these pics all across this forum today. It's really exciting seeing their development as we move into flowering mode today. I want to showcase the ability of this @Cultiuana CT-720 light with 6 different strains of plants sitting in 5gl self feed pots over...
  3. Pre-Feed


    17 jugs, 11 plants
  4. Post Feed

    Post Feed

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    Prescription Blend
  6. Cultiuana CT-720 Grow Journals

    Cultiuana CT-720 Grow Journals

    @Cultiuana Mixed Grow (8) Day 32/33 Blueberry Auto 1.5 days of stretch update
  7. PSX_20221030_094416.jpg


    Chronic Thunder Day 70 @Bill284 Method Soil / 50 gal bag
  8. PSX_20221030_095136.jpg


    Chronic Thunder Day 70 @Bill284 Method Soil / 50 gal bag
  9. Jug Filling Day

    Jug Filling Day

    11 plants and 12 jugs later
  10. Gorilla Glue Super Lemon Haze-Big Bull-Blueberry-Zombie Death-Gelato/K-Sirius Black

    Gorilla Glue Super Lemon Haze-Big Bull-Blueberry-Zombie Death-Gelato/K-Sirius Black

    @Cultiuana CT-720 Winter Grow Days 8/9 Above Ground
  11. Blueberry-Big Bull

    Blueberry-Big Bull

    Blueberry and Big Bull, Alvin: 7 Days Big Bull, Simon: 6 Days
  12. Krissi Carbone

    Cultiuana CT-720 LED: Sirius Black, Zombie DF, Gorilla Glue Super Lemon Haze & Gelato-K Photoperiod Grow

    Another day, another journal. This is a brief introduction to what is sure to be a fun, engaging, interactive and colorful grow with big and beautiful harvests. This is our main winter grow for the 2022-2023 season, featuring an assortment of seed banks and sponsors. @Cultiuana: LIGHT @Weed...
  13. Krissi Carbone

    That's A Load Of Bull: Big Bull Photoperiod & Blueberry Autoflower Split Tent Grow

    Welcome to my grow room! We have an array of seeds coming this way.... This journal is a side project and will concur alongside a sister grow as seeds for both grows were dropped today after soaking in water for 18 hours. It will have a Blueberry Autoflower, a re-run of a non...
  14. OGpapa

    OGpapa Indoor Soil Auto GSC Grow Journal 2022

    Ok y'all. After too much thought. Here it is. The most amazing journal on 420! Just kidding! It will probably just end up being a bust! With a laugh or two! Here we have 420 GSC Extreme AUTO. 80% Indica 20% Sativa High THC levels up to 21% Girl Scout Cookies autoflower seeds are a hybrid...
  15. Krissi Carbone

    What's Crack-A-Lacking - With Super Silver Crack Photos & A Deelite Auto: A Mars Hydro SP3000 Grow Using Prescription Blend & Dynomyco

    Time has come yet again for another journal friends! This time, new seeds from a new bank, a new tent, a new light, and a partridge in a pear tree. We will be running 2 Super Silver Crack photoperiods alongside 1 Deelite autoflower under the @Mars Hydro SP3000. They will be housed in a brandy...
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    Chi-Chi Harvest @ 82 Days Gelato Auto WSE seed @Weed Seeds Express @Mars Hydro @Prescription Blend
  17. 20220801_215249.jpg


    Gelato Auto Chi-Chi Day 76
  18. 20220801_215327.jpg


    Gelato Auto Chi-Chi Day 76
  19. 20220801_215356.jpg


    Gelato Auto Chi-Chi Day 76
  20. 20220801_215637.jpg


    Gelato Auto Chi-Chi Day 76
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