purple leaves

  1. F

    Purple leaves and salt build up and bears, oh my!

    Long time toker, first time grower. My state just legalized home growing in August 2023, so I took full advantage! Unfortunately, I’m a newbie, so I am having some issues and could really use some expert opinions on what is going on. The pictures I have posted are very recent. I switched to...
  2. F

    Help! Have no idea what’s going on with my girls!

    seeing yellow leaves significantly in flower, 5 weeks in. The leaves are also going purple in color as well. I have Correct PH 6.5-6.8 in soil. PPM About 1300 when feeding nutrients. I’ve never had this do this to me, ANY help is appreciated.
  3. H

    Yellowing Leaves

    I have a few plants with yellowing/discolored leaves, and I'm trying to find the cause of this issue! One plant is a variety known as "Holodeck Jesus" from Cannabeizein seeds. Here's the link to information on it: HOLODECK JESUS. The node structure for this plant has been off since it sprouted...
  4. G

    Leaves getting purple, nothing I tried helped

    Hello everyone! As you can see in my pictures, the leaves of my (4 week old Sour Diesel) have gotten purple. She gets 12/12 for a week now but the leaves have been purple before that. Some other facts : temp is ~25 degree Celsius (77F) during lightening and ~23-24 degree Celsius (73,5F-75,2F)...
  5. R

    Sour Diesel fan leaves turning purple & yellow

    Hello all, I have a problem with my plant.. Sour diesel 2 months and 5 day in veg state. I main line it donno if this is relevant but the leaves are turning purple and yellow. I have read that i might be missing magnesium. So i bought and added 2,5g magnesium untill now to the plant and it...
  6. Mcdankness

    Leaves turning purple near harvest?

    So, I am on about week 6 or so into the flowering stage for this little mamma (Blue Dream , Indica) and just recently I started noticing a strange purple growth on the fan leaves. Primarily, the fan leaves surrounding the highest cola is where it is most prominent. The "purple" begins to...
  7. I

    Plants looking unhappy! Help please!

    Hey guys, I'm currently doing my first grow using rockwool 6'' cubes x5, Using a 5 gallon pot as a reservoir, feeding every 3 hours, about 8 cups each plant and not to waste. The nutrient breakdown is Big Bud( first 2-4 weeks flower) Calimag (when not using big bud), FloraMicro, FloraGrow, and...
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