Leaves turning purple near harvest?


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So, I am on about week 6 or so into the flowering stage for this little mamma (Blue Dream , Indica) and just recently I started noticing a strange purple growth on the fan leaves. Primarily, the fan leaves surrounding the highest cola is where it is most prominent. The "purple" begins to fade/not appear as the colas descend from the pinnacle.

This is my first "grow" per say. But I have been a stoner for years and I have handled many buds in my time. I am one who likes my bud to smell dank and taste even danker. My fear is some how damaging the terpenes in which I'll not get that super dank, smelly tasty mc'nugget. instead I have dank looking bud that taste like hay. (which is what I'm experiencing with the a previous harvest, cut 5 days ago)<-(maybe not cured long enough idk)




It's clear that the fan leaves are suffering from nutrient deficiencies, as expected. For I have done 2 heavy flushes and have been feeding her only water now for about 2 weeks. From the looks of the trichomes, I am not particularly ready to trim because I don't feel there is enough amber beginning to show, you guys be the judge:




I grow using several LEDs, but I have a 300w LED placed particularly for her in hopes she'll thrive and make bigger buds. Am I burning it? The color trips me out when the lights are on because it looks like that purple light that LEDs give off is going into my plant! Anyways, PLEASE help & discuss.

And if i could double whammy this one; you guys reckon she's about ready for el harvest?

During the day -73-85 Average 79
Night time - 65-73 average 69
Soil grown
humidity 38%-40%

Approximately a month and some change into the flowering mc'cycle.

Thank you!
Mid 60's. Don't think it's ever gotten colder than that. But even if so, wouldn't that potentially affect my other planties?
Everything is fine some strains do it and are special breed for purple.

If your pot smells like hay it was dried to fast or to long some cure might help a bit.
I dry from 3 to 7 days depend on rh and temps the longer the better temps about 60F anf 60% rh would be best.
If rh is low I take after 3 days and put them in an open bowl and watch closely to get 60% rh and jar.

If the buds seems to dry I jar and leave more stem on, best rh is 62% to store and cure.
And I got several little rh displays for 2$ to place in my jars.
I only let'em dry for about 3 days, but I had a fan on em and it was probably on the cooler side (low 70s w/ 40% humidity) but after I threw them in the jar they've already begun to moisten up. I just didn't know the whole "hay" smell was a process that you have to go through
No just dried wrong.
And it happens sometimes but it is not in the process just dried to fast.
Never put a fan direct on the buds just indirect slow air movement.
40% rh + fan can cause this I know what I am talking about :grinjoint:
If the buds are still moist enough inside they come back but 1/2 a day to long at 40% and they don't.

And careful after only 3 days they can fell very dry but still to moist to jar up
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