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  • StonerGrower.hawkster7 is Back!!! I have been moving so I couldn't go on line for a long time,just got on.DAM. well did you get done with AWSOM SMOKE ? I have been so missing this Mag.

    Had a quick question. I sprouted a bag seed that I found using my gimp aerogarden;of course, just as the 1st set of leaves are unfurling the AG pump bites the dust for good. I transferred the sprout to the largest rockwool cube and will be using a cube cap.

    Question is, how much/often do I water this little dude?


    No need to fear, Pinch is still here! Was in SF today for World Veg Festival and the best thing I heard all day was "Don't eat anything with a Nutritional Label on it"...I love that!
    eh, jsut got my voice and thoughts on an issue sort of supressed but so is life. lol besides that never been better! any grows anytime soon man?
    legality is the MAIN med issue for me. lol its so risky these days but it aint stoppin me nothing else helps me with my issues. I am seriously diggin that kiefed bud up there on your profile pic its. amazing.
    hmm. well. I cnat say i smoke tons of weed EVERY day but i sure try ;-)

    the struggles are only getting more arduous it seems.
    gotta keep tokin and jokin to deal with them though :cheesygrinsmiley:
    since u've arrived back on the site, i've seen u do nothing but try to help others! Keep up the good work
    keep thinking positive brother...
    the law of attraction is ALWAYS working...;)
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