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  • hey man, thanks for leavin me a message! they're getting better as the day goes on, good call on the "more than 8oz" comment. But anyway, they're pretty citrus tasting with a hint of that skunky-ness. The big plant, which got most of the light concentrated on it was much better. next grow, with a 1k jdl ballast I plan to hit it hard
    Haven't been around a lot lately. Thought about u and wanted to see how things have been for ya. I'm still at it. Not on much but still around. What u been up 2? Drop a few lines when u get a minute. :peace:bro
    I know your a great grower and I try to befriend all I can too learn as much as I can.
    Dean, that damn bug avatar freaks me out everytime it pops up.... I am battling somme thrips and always think that is one in my computer!!!!!! =o) Peace to you, friend...
    good stuff man...keep it up...any hints I need I'll be bothering you...ha ha...hope you don't mind...later
    nice to see you around brother, hope all is well in your world.
    sending you lots of positive energy through the universe.
    Thanks for the kind words brother! It deffinately makes difference.

    Keep doing what your doing! I enjoy your photos alot.
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