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  1. M

    White Aluminum For Grow Light Hood?

    Hello! I am about to take on my first grow and was wondering if using white aluminum trim coil would be a good reflective material for my diy-cfl-light-hood. I remodel homes and have plenty of it laying around so I was considering using it to make my own reflective light hood. I’ve seen posts...
  2. B

    Light reflective properties of Ametalin

    This is the stuff I'm talking about Ametalin SilverWrap™ 1350mm x 10m Light Duty Wall Insulation It says 97% reflective, however I'm assuming they are talking about heat there. Anyone know about the light reflective quality of this stuff? I'm considering it to line my grow room as...
  3. J

    Reflective material

    Good any time of day to ya'll!! As I'm starting to buy materials for a stealth project, I was looking for cheap Mylar sheets or roll. I am gonna rebuild 2 Full Tower (server) cases into stealth grow boxes, so I don't need that much of it really. Is this a good alterantive- Portable Waterproof...
  4. U

    Reflective coating for tent

    Anyone knows which kind is the best reflective coating for tents. I have seen the coating on lite60 and it kinda seems darker, not sure if it is the best , since it is their value line.
  5. L

    cheap insulated Mylar panels

    what supplies you need for this are really simple. You need five or six 3/8"x20"x30" foam boards, there less than a buck fifty each. Kinda like what you use to use for science projects. You need a Mylar emergency blanket, they cost less than 2 bucks. You need a roll of duct tape. You...
  6. OldDoobie

    Vertical T-5's or Just Reflective walls?

    Hey Everyone, I've Been out of it for about 17 years, going to start a closet grow, size is: 8 ft high, 36 inches deep, by 41 inches wide Should I use a T5 panel on each side wall (Vertically) in addition to my over head light or just put a reflective material on the the side walls...
  7. ilikebike

    DIY HID "Wing" Style Reflector

    so its not the prettiest looking thing but for 20$ it gets the job done Heres a list of materials (all bought at Home Depot) -36'' long Half Stack Duct (In ventilation section, they are shaped like an L kinda.) -8x8 angle iron (Pretty much a large "L" bracket that holds everything together)...
  8. pcmoe5000

    Why are mirrors bad at reflecting light?

    Well here is the story. I was sitting with a bud and we were discussing a grow setup and it was brought up that he wanted to use mirrors and aluminum foil for the light reflective property's of this grow. So me a big user of 420mag have come across over and over respectable growers saying that...
  9. GimmieGreenie

    Bounce Back light&dark

    This question is about inside the grow box. I heard flat white paint is best because when the lights on the box glows extra bright inside. I also read that reflective sheets are the best, mainly cause it bouces light back onto the buds. yet not the whole plant My question is more about the...
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