rockwool cubes

  1. Getting ready to put the prepped Runtz seeds into the cubes

    Getting ready to put the prepped Runtz seeds into the cubes

  2. IMG_20200608_072354.jpg


    Massive roots on a lower that self topped it self apparently. Day 14 roots
  3. SunnySunny

    8 Site RDWC: Gelato OG, & Coco Multistrain: Gods Gift, Critical Jack Auto 2, Cheese XXL

    Hey everybody who’s joining the journey, glad that we are on the same page perhaps in this case. Because I have some news and tips and tricks while assembling and building the new garden. I’ll get to my first grow in details as well (Here was the first one lol - Fast Skunk & White Widow, Coco...
  4. ddGreenThumb

    DdGreenThumb's Indoor Medium Candy Cream Grow Journal, 2018

    Hello all! I'm a new member in the community and have been somewhat keeping personal logs of my grows, but I really wanted to do one from start to finish here in the forum. I'm sure I'll do this incorrectly at first, so edits are likely to come. The Details Seed/Medium Information: Seed ...
  5. H

    Burnt leaves problem

    Hi there, i grow on rock-wool 2 plants, as you can see in the picture. both get exactly the same conditions (or at least i think i give both the same condition). as you can see, the leaves of the right plant are damaged, while the left plant looks pretty healthy. the right plant is 2 weeks...
  6. Hashassinz

    What's the best deal you got on grow equipment?

    Today was an awesome day. Went to a local agway as they were restocking shelves and got 60 rockwool cubes size 6x6 ones for freaking 35$. If i were to buy online would of cost me like 190$. Was just looking to buy like 4 but they were miss priced at the register so I went back to the shelf and...
  7. Hashassinz

    Confused rockwool grow roots question?

    Everything I ever read about about cannabis says bigger pot bigger roots bigger buds and plant. So if that is true how is it that rockwool cubes are so small yet can grow huge plants. Don't the roots grow through and past the cubes fast and light kills roots. So on NFT tables I see nothing is...
  8. R

    Sheeds - 1000 Watt MH/HPS - Versagrow Hydroponic Drip System - 10 Gallon Reservoir

    Well this is my second attempt at a grow. The first time I made all the newbie mistakes all at the same time. Heat stress to start, followed by nute burn, and last severe overwatering of the rockwool cubes which stunted growth and eventually killed my 6 week old seedlings that looked as if they...
  9. G

    CFL DWC 2nd Grow

    Strain-----Unknown Method-----Hydroponic Location---Indoor/growbox Medium----Rockwool, Clay pellets Days since sprout --- 28 days Lights---(4) CFLs...23w 6500k...23w 6500k...23w 2700k...23w 6500k (veg.) Veg---7pm-1pm lights on Temp lights on----88* Temp lights off---80* RH--- 40% PH----5.7-6.0...
  10. WizHigh

    Look like Worms in my RockWool Help!

    Ive planted 4 seeds in rockwool and put them in the humidity dome with heating pad. today 2 of the seedlings surfaced. One of the seedlings leaves were wide open a couple hours I check back on them and the leaves had closed back and I noticed a yellowish brown mark under one of the leaves. Also...
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