1. G

    Sip, probiotics, recyled living organics

    how's it going ladies and gentlemen. I'm green, and this is my first time on this forum. I've been growing for about 5 years, I'm very active on the forum roll it up, just trying to branch out in search of more info on this method of growing that I have recently fell in love with! a Lil bit of...
  2. W

    FoxFarm's Ocean Forest Mix - temp ROLS sub

    Eventual goal being ROLS, I have some clones in rockwool that need to go into soil. I've put together a 3:1:1 relative mix of Fox Farm's Ocean Forest (FFOF), Root's Organic 100% earthworm castings (EWC), Growstone GS-1 aeration stone (largest available). I also had some leftover Coco Coir, so I...
  3. kraw420

    Kraw420's R.O.L.S. Recipe

    Hello :420: and welcome. I am going to let you all in on my Recycled Organic Living Soil recipe. The objective with true organic mixes is to feed the soil, getting away from the notion we must force feed our plants a synthetic diet. By adding these organic amendments, we are allowing microbial...
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