1. Santa Lebos

    Completed 4 Light Rotation Compact Grow

    The Setup a 6'x6.5' toilet transformed into a 3 light rotation. bottom area for flowering cut into 2 sections. The right side is split into a lower and an upper compartment. i have a build a custom closet for it. Adjacent to this toilet is another tiny room leading to the toilet. Which is 4.9' x...
  2. Ron Strider

    IL: Cannabis For Credits

    Pharmacy students are getting a new kind of education in Illinois. Students now have the opportunity to learn about the medical cannabis industry through a new clinical rotation at PDI Medical, a medical cannabis dispensary in Buffalo Grove, IL. Joseph Friedman, RPh, Chief Operating...
  3. TJGrow

    Completed Perpetual Batch Grow - Indoor Hyrdo 4 1K Lights Ebb & Flow

    Greetings and welcome to the TJGrow journal. I'm starting the journal after getting thru most of my setup and build out. I'm writing all this up in the hope of finding a few like minded online grow buddies. I always need a little help and I'm at the point where I can help others. This may not...
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