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  1. Social Pothead

    Green Goddess: Feel like dancing?

    I saw this strain and I thought let's give it a try… The name “Green Goddess!!” Raised my curiosity into touching the buds feeling them and grinding them to roll a perfect joint and pack a bowl. Ohhh MaaaMaaaa! That buds color… I'm sure you are thinking about the smell of that vibrant flower…...
  2. Kalashnikov


    More Sativa dominate
  3. Cheese


    1 gallons
  4. Super lemon haze/ace of spades end of 5 week flower

    Super lemon haze/ace of spades end of 5 week flower

    Sativa dominant hybrid in 39x39 tent
  5. Super lemon haze/ace of spades

    Super lemon haze/ace of spades

    Third week flower
  6. First daybreak-

    First daybreak-

    Here is the first to pop its head up. :) Notice the lack of seed casing. I am thinking my planting method helped that to shed quick and clean.
  7. All six up now! Jamaican Dream ladies

    All six up now! Jamaican Dream ladies

    A shot of all the ladies breaking ground.
  8. skoondawg

    Skoondawg's Coco Grow - GSC and Lemon Haze - SCROG - 400w HPS - 2nd Grow

    Hello again fellow stoners and everyone on this glorious forum! Im back for my second grow:thumb:. Last grow ended well but im ready to kick off the next grow with (finally) some good genetics, a stronger flowering light, and decided to try coco for its increased yields and quicker...
  9. O

    Help! South African Outdoor Marijuana Plant Flowering For +8 Weeks! Video & Photos

    My outdoor marijuana plant have been flowering for almost 9 weeks. It must be some sativa dominant hybrid and I am assuming that it could be Super Silver Haze. I am not sure how long my plant still can go? Maybe another 2-3 weeks? The buds just do not look fully formed to me and even though some...
  10. A

    Problem - Mutation

    Hi all. This is my first grow, with 2 plain unfeminized gift seed. both ladies. One of my ladies is more Indica dominant (short spaces between internodes and wider leaves). The other lady is more Sativa dominant (longer spaces between internodes and longer, pointier leaves). Now, the last few...
  11. G

    Brand New Grower - Sativa Strains?

    Hey everyone! I am brand new to the site and to growing. I have been reading up on growing for the last 3 months and I'm ready to start! I have a small grow tent that will house 2 ladies, seed to harvest and I'm going to be using CFL's just because I want to get my feet wet before I spend a...
  12. W

    Seeking the best strain for my environment

    I know this is kinda early, but I seem to be obsessed with looking for the "perfect strain" for my outdoor grow next year. I do have 4 reg Afghani seeds and 2 feminized Delhaze that I got free with my Autos that are currently in week 5. My climate is subtropical and our summers hare most;ly...
  13. Hungaluz

    Hungaluz's 12/12 Perpetual Grow

    Hi All! This is my 1st growing journal, my plan is a perpetual (~monthly) harvest . So I have a homemade box: 210x210x200 but I only use 120x210 for the plants. Light :1x600w HPS(Philips Greenpower)+digilux dimmable digital ballast + adjust-a-wing reflector 1x400w...
  14. T

    ambitious project

    I live in semi arid(lowish humidity) tropical conditions and have access to a pot farmer. I wish to cultivate the correct seeds for him and basically perform genetic infiltration of landraces. My local landraces tend to be denser side of Sativa's ,have very strong fruit smell but take ages to...
  15. C

    New member semi experiencd grower!

    Hey everyone new user to this site have been growing for about 5 years mostly OG Kush, Purple Kush from cuttings off a friend in Canna coco using A+B nutes and PK13/14 in flower + epsom salts 3 times over the course of the grow. But this time I decided to grow from seed went for the feminized...
  16. N

    Blue Dream Grow Room

    This is my 2nd time growing :) Wattage: 1000 MH Soil: 1.MC Hydoponex 2. MC Organic 3. Happy Frog 4.Perilite 5.Earthgrow ( Not the best mix ) Space: 8 ' Up & Down , 8 ' Wide , 10 ' Long Temp: 70-82 Hum:40-60 Ferts: Age Old Growth ATM 12-6-6 Stage: Veg , Day 10 Type:Clones ( 4 )
  17. Insanerooster

    Outdoor Sativa Grown In The Ground First Outdoor Grow

    This is the first time I tried to grow outdoor because i have always been of the mindset that outdoor can never be as dank as indoor plants, after looking at hundreds of outdoor grows on the internet i found that i was VERY wrong, outdoor can hold the candle to indoor any day IMO. I will try...
  18. AllSmiles

    Tale Of 6 Seeds - G8LED Grow By First Timer

    I first want to thank all the forums and posters for all the great knowledge available online contributed and mainly here on 420. I'm a complete newbie to growing and have invested some money on indoor grow based on everything i have read. I tried to do this grow on my own but am at a critical...
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