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  1. TheMadDabber

    Dabber Presents: PSM & Stankberry Grown Remo Style: A Canniversary Grow

    Well 2018 has come and gone. And so has another grow cycle in the “tub of love”, my bathroom grow space. Originally, I had planned to implement my “beginners guide to growing on a budget” thread at the start of this year, but due to personal growth reasons, I'm afraid I won't have the proper...
  2. C

    ScrOG! 600w hps 5-plants with pics

    Hello there everyone! This is my third attempt at growing some beautiful buds! I have been dabbling with cfls inside and done a couple outdoor grows. So Im going with the ScrOG technique to hopefully get as much bud per watt! I would love feedback since I'm definitely still a beginner. The...
  3. S

    Secret Jardine DR60 grow tent SCROG Prep and info

    Thanks for reading. Before this turns into a grow journal I want to see if any has any info, experience or knowledge that would help me do my scrog. Secret Jardine grow tent 60x60x150 250mh/hps light Vents tt 4'' outlet fan Buddy carbon filter I have vitalink grow feed and bloom for...
  4. M

    First Serious Grow

    Hello, This will be my first serious grow ever. At first I had a small tent with two test plants to see if some 10 year old seeds would work. Short story is they didn't. I then purchased some more and got them growing. What now follows is the clones from that test. The setup is as...
  5. B

    Is it time for 12/12 in my ScroG?

    Hey guys, I've got some Sativas growing (Dutch Passion Outlaw and Durban Poison) and I've been told to fill the screen about 60% before turning 12/12, and as this is my first ScroG and first overall grow, I'm not quite sure if it's the time yet. I dont know if my plants stretch alot or not so I...
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