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seedling damping off

  1. S

    Seedlings keep dying: Please help

    so I have tried 2 other times with 8 or so seedlings and they keep dying im not too sure what the problem is. I assumed it was overwatering cause I seen gnats the first time but then bleached cleaned the tent started over. So my stems are somewhat a little purple and very very slim and weak...
  2. OMGReptar

    Should I take the plastic bag dome off? Pics Included

    Hey everyone! I’m excited about my first grow, but I’m a little concerned about my 3 plants. They’ve all sprouted, but I’m not sure if the humidity dome I’ve created is hurting them right now. I’ve got them in a grow tent indoors. They’re planted in Happy Frog soil. I’m using a LED Electric Sky...
  3. 20180420_183724.jpg


    Saving from damping off with Hygrozyme
  4. DrTentgrow

    Im having seedling problems is it damping off?

    Please help me i have wasted £86 on 10 fem white widow seeds and lost them to what i believed to be damping off they didn't actually die i made the silly mistake of losing my temper with them . i put this down to the seeding soil i used holding to much water and me over watering a tat. any way...
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