seedling stopped growing!

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    Seedling growth stopped

    Hello everybody I'm a first time grower and I need some guidence from you guys. First some info about my grow: -Strain: she(I hope so) is a bagseed -Tent: 80x80x180 cm / 3x3x6 -Light: I started with 1 20w cfl then switched to 200w DIY Cob LEDs so I believe thats why it stretched this much...
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    Help a noob with her autos please?

    As the title says, can anyone help a noob shed light on some issues with my girls? I'm obviously doing something wrong and I don't know what or how to fix it. Today is day 13 and there has been zero growth in almost a week, something is burning the 1st set of true leaves in my girl on the left...
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    Help - 2 week old seedling problems

    Hello i am having trouble... this is my very first grow and i am currently 2 weeks in....i germinated 6 seeds which all i had no success with. i had one thc bomb which survived these were pics from about 3 days ago, for some reason i feel its very sluggish... i have not been feeding any...
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    Afghan kush auto seedling problem

    - Beginning germ on feb 24 - Feb 27th seed popped - Feb 28th taproot got a little longer - Planted march 1st - Planted to deep so I looked into it after 3 days (March 4th) dug up and found it has popped up - March 5th helped the little girl as it was stuck together so i put a drop on it...
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    My seedling has stopped growing - Help me please!

    Spring time is starting here in Chile, and as such I have started an AUTO Blue seed with it spending about half of the day on my balcony under a good amount of sun, and the other half of the day under some Cool white 6500 CFLs. The seed was germinated in papertowels, and then moved into a 7...
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