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  1. N

    HPS & LED combo

    Hello people. I have a question for all of you. Im about to start my 2nd grow. My setup: A single 600w hps cool tube Grow box 4*4*7 Extractor fan with carbon filter Passive and active intake when needed And now im asking my self if i put one 300w led pannel will increase my yield and...
  2. Need2Succeed

    1st Self Grown Grow

  3. F

    NE New Grower

    Names Folf i just started setting up for a mini grow in my apartment nice to meet yall. I am new to the grow game with self studies on youtube and grower guides i begin next year with Lowryder 2 and white widows as my first strains.
  4. DankWolf907

    Sending PM to multiple members

    Picture should be self explanatory.. What gives?