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  1. B

    First time grower

    So I have white widow autoflower and It started sprouting on then7th of September so its about 5 or 6 weeks old the top leaves around top of plant droop just a little is the plant healthy for being only 6 weeks old imguessing
  2. gallito

    Gallito's Soil Tahquitz OG Soil Grow 2020

    This year I'm growing Tahquitz OG, Tropicana Cookies, Strawberry Banana, Super Lemon Haze, and Raspberry Parfait in my grow shed. The shed itself is illuminated by the sun through fiberglass panels on the roof. No temperature control (aside from a solar fan to blow out hot air and wall vents...
  3. L

    5x5 Grow Tent In Shed

    hey friends! I am hoping to start a grow in my new home, which has a significantly large shed out back. I live in southern louisiana where the weather is sometimes unpredictable, hot, and humid. I'll be starting in late fall, so i have a few questions. I'll be growing in a 5x5ft vivosun...
  4. dr.h00k

    H00k's Not So Hillbilly This Time Grow - Girlz 2017

    Good Afternoon...Finally its that time again...getting this years adventure underway...this will be a two stage undertaking...starting a couple of auto's first, while I prepare a bunch of soil for an organic grow and refit my shed with some new LED fixtures for the second stage of photo's and a...
  5. yoda toke

    Growing Indoors Versus Outdoors

    I am a fairly new patient (3 month's) My wife does not want me to grow in the house because of the smell. I understand that, when we visit my brother's house it smells like weed all the time. In Michigan the laws are strict about growing outdoors. It has to be basically locked up. But I have a...
  6. F

    Total Newbie here - Ordered Green Crack and Dark Angel. Basic advice?

    Howdy all, I have never grown anything. Or used anything for that matter. So I am completely in the dark here. I was planning on growing outside, but an option is a shed or a walled off part of a garage. Can you take a moment and just give me some basic advice getting started? Should I...
  7. V

    Grow shed design - Help me!

    Hey All, Vapeman here about to step up to the big leagues (well in my opinion, this might be small sized to some of you). I have the opportunity to fully design and set up a 12 ft by 16 foot grow shed. Here is my objective: to grow the most amount of marijuana while staying below my plant...
  8. J

    Help with ideas on grow setup?

    Hey fellow growers I am looking for some advice on a grow setup in a shed I been starting to slowly build up. First off the shed is a well insulated large shed that is locked and about 12 feet tall at tallest point with small vents. Shed holds god RH and temps and seems to be pretty free of...
  9. C

    Capt Blast Moving Indoors - A Utility Shed Perpetual

    Well, I'm getting there, have a 4x4 tent set up in the shed with 400 watt MH, a 5x5 tent on the way, along with 8/3 UF wire to run power, some insulation, etc, $'s etc... Strain - Indica Critical Kush & Green Crack from seed # of Plants - 10 Grow Type - Soil Grow Stage - Vegetative Bucket Size...
  10. H

    LED Micro Winter Wonderland

    Hey Folks, New to the forums, but in the little time i have spent here i have already learned so much. It seems like a fantastic community, so much so that i gathered up the courage to actually post for a change (not limited to 420). Lately i have been impacter by increasing costs, which...
  11. akrazyrunner

    Help Getting Shed Ready for 2015/Rid of Spider-mites from 2014

    Hi Everyone. Apologies if this has been covered in previous thread, but I haven't found one yet. I had a really good grow going in 2014. Then I went to Colorado, came back and was a bit lazy and I got nailed for it with spider-mites. I learned a lot about how to deal with them when really...
  12. H

    need help with beginner grow room in shed #noob

    Hey guys i just joined this website and i wanna build grow room i was wondering if it was possibe to buid one in the woods im talkimg deep in the woods i wanna build like a shed small but i can put a few plants in and some lights now can i build it without running electricity to it or do i have...
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