1. BoomTune

    How to buy parts for and put together a $6,000 High-pressure Aeroponics System that doesn't clog

    After about a year of trial and error (And spending a small fortune), it looks like its finally going to work. A High-pressure Areoponic system that won't clog in the Australian Outback climate. However, the Water pump and Solenoid valve still need their own sound-proof boxes. Something which...
  2. Mars Hydro

    Mars-Hydro August Shopping Festival

    Mars-hydro shopping festival Third wave Mars II 1600 original price is $571.99USD,now is buy one: $514.99USD each buy two: $481.99USD each And use coupon code:marshydro,get another 3% off
  3. O

    Light advice please!

    So, I have just acquired a new tent. Twice the size of my current 2x2. Currently I run a Mars2 400 watt and have had pretty decent success. I want to stay with LED in the new set up and am currently shopping. I like the idea of running 2 Mars2 400's in the new 2x4 but really am torn. I like the...
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