1. Curly Beaver

    Snow Temple from Bodhi question

    Is anyone familiar with Snow Temple from Bodhi? I can not find any info on it and have one that's ready to be chopped any day now. (9weeks.) The seed was gifted to me still in the original packet but it's been around awhile and I can't find any information on it. Thanks
  2. Ron Strider

    Police To Use Melting Snow Rooftops To Snare Northern Ireland Cannabis Growers

    Police are attempting to use Northern Ireland's Christmas snowfall to snare cannabis growing drug dealers. The PSNI have asked residents to report sightings of rooftops where snow has not settled even though neighbouring buildings have had a heavy coating. They believe it could be a...
  3. Ron Strider

    Growing Clean Cannabis To Pass California's New Rules

    As California's newly legalized cannabis market gears up for its January launch, pot farmers are looking for ways to meet new safety standards for their harvests. And in the rush to employ safe farming practices that result in high-quality yields, one California grower has adapted the farming...
  4. F

    Snow Ryder Automatic Week 9

  5. Katelyn Baker

    MA: Sasquatch Covered In Marijuana Leaves Spotted During Live Report About Snow Storm

    Springfield, MA- When you work in the news biz, you never know what's going to happen, especially on live TV. A reporter in Massachusetts has quite the story to tell after Sasquatch was spotted while she was doing a live report about the snow storm Thursday. In the corner of the screen...
  6. medman47

    Anybody use Snow Storm Ultra?

    Friend of mine swears by Humbolt County's Own - Snow Storm Ultra as a means of increasing trich's and terpene. Wondering if anyone here has any experience with this stuff?
  7. G

    Snow bong smoke sesh in a blizzard Colorado

  8. Scarfinger68

    Snow White Smoke Review

    Snow White Smoke Review Strain Name — Snow White From - Nirvana Vegetated 2 months Flowered 67 days Grow Medium: Soil in 1 gallon pot Harvest: 40 grams dry Type — Hybrid: Indica(60)/Sativa(40) Looks — Smell - Fruity, Sweetish with a slight stank Taste — My...
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