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    Family shot minus the one coco girl I was feeding ..
  2. slylikeafox

    Hello from Northern BC

    i am a newbie and have a few question. My seedlings have sprouted and grew to about 2-4 inches tall and then just stopped. They are starting to grow out sideways. Is this Normal? when should i see more upward growth? I am growing in just a seedling mix with no extra nutrients when do i...
  3. D

    Fertilizing clones

    Greetings brothers and sisters! My question is... how soon do i start feeding nutrients to my clones? Thanks
  4. PaintMeGreen

    A big hello from Argentina! Finally growing for the first time, could use some advice

    Hello 420 family! Greetings and a many thank you's for all the awesome things I've had the pleasure of seeing posted here, now I finally decided to sign up for the forum and start posting since, well, I even got my own plants now! Would really appreciate any kind of tip, encouragement or advise...
  5. B

    Just getting started

    I just germinated and planted Northern Lights Autos. What would be the best feed for these and when should I start feeding. Thanks in advance for any and all help.
  6. T

    Getting ready to grow

    Hi just starting back up after 8 years, can't wait to start growing again:thumb:
  7. K

    Please help! Phantom pains

    Hi all! I'm fairly new to using marijuana for pain. I have spoke to local shops and have been able to find some really great stuff for my personal pain. (Yay!!!!) However, I'm writing for my dad. He had his leg amputated 9 years ago (due to an infection). He has suffered with extreme phantom...
  8. F

    When you flip

    When you flip to 12-12 is this the time you start counting your flower time?
  9. F

    Timer won't start 400W HPS

    Hi, today I came home and my timer thats set on a 18/6 schedule didnt start. So ... wtf must I do for it to work?!?!? I'm using a 400w HPS with a 400w ballast. Here are the stats of the timer : 125V ac. 60Hz 15A resistive 1000W tungsten 5A Ballast please help!
  10. S

    First Time Grow - Jack Herer Strain

    So after reading a lot on this website decided to start my own grow. Finally have post count up to start one of these. Using happy frog soil. Germinated 3 feminized jack herer seeds. All are growing. Temp is about 72 with humidity of about 23. Using a hydrofarm 400 light.
  11. C

    Need to start my flowering light purchases

    I am building a desperate flowering area, 5' x 5' and wanted to string some QB 304s (ill even settle for qb288a right about now) but can't seem to find any at either Cobkits or HLG sites. Anyone else know where else to purchase them? Thank You, *.*.* Cedru *.*.*
  12. Dusted


    Male, 62, single, Alberta. I've been growing indoors for about 40 years. I tried a side by side comparison with soil vs hydroponics under a 1k watt mercury vapour many years ago and got hooked on hydroponics. I actually still use my original setup, in an abbreviated fashion. The original...
  13. S

    First Indoor Grow

    My 4 Candy Cane AF sprouted 11/15/17 in 75% coco and 25% perlite under the MarsII 1200 LED grow light in 3 gal fabric pots. I water them once a day with rain water or spring water. I'm going to lower the ph to 6 and start feeding them with calmag. I would appreciate any tips or comments. I am...
  14. C


    When the seeds root do i start them off in a smaller cup and move them over to big pot or do i just start them in the big pot.
  15. B

    Flowering time - When to start counting weeks

    When they say 8 weeks flowering time, is that 8 weeks from when you switch lighting to 12/12, or from when they actually start flowering?
  16. J

    Question about flushing

    Hey guys. I am getting down to the wire. Loupe should be here Friday or Saturday. I was wondering when you guys flush your plants when do you start? Is there something I should look for when its time to flush? I was thinking when the tips of the trichomes start turning amber?
  17. M

    Another is it ready thread

    Here's some shots of my Green Crack 52 days into flower. Crop King states 9-10 week flower. Obviously not ready to be taken down, but what I'm wondering is if I should start my two week flush starting today, or feed with nutes one more time? Today she's ready for watering with nutes or straight...
  18. cbgb

    Start a grow journal help

    420 folks , hope you are all having a good day ......... i might be missing something.... trying to start a grow journal but can not seem to find "start a grow journal " ? ? thanks :Namaste:
  19. T

    New grower - Needs lots of advice

    Hey y' I live in Oregon where it's legal ...and I want to start growing...I have a corner in my man cave I would like to start's a small space...I have been reading a lot and my head is spinning...I would love some advice on lights and soil...and even what to feed and how...
  20. D

    Low Stress Training

    I just started a new grow (they haven't even popped above soil yet) and I know I'm going to want to do some LST on them. Only thing is I have no idea where or when to start. Any advice? I'm growing Silver Jack and a height of about 5 ft is my limit. Thanks!
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