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    Cannabis seedlings stopped growing and showing pistils - Photos

    Hello all, I bring a strange situation with 3 autoflowering seedlings I planted a month ago. So i got 6 seeds, Purple, Tutankhamon, NYC Diesel, Somango, Cheese and Amnesia. These last 3 have gone really wrong somehow. They were all germinated and planted at the same time (10th of July), and...
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    1st Grow - Beginner - Need help diagnosing problem

    Hello, This is my first grow. I need your help to diagnose a problem. My plant is healthy as you guys can see. Its not wilting and its a nice green color. Its 13 days old and it has grown in 3 days, going on 4. Im especially worried because i grew a plant before this and it did the exact same...
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    Help plants not grown for 2 months

    Hi, my plants don't seem to have gotten past the seedling stage and it's been nearly two months, they appear to be healthy but they haven't grown in almost 2 months so basically they are 6 inch tall four sets of baby leaves like Adidas logos, they look green and healthy besides the lack of...
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    Plant stem drooping all the way and not growing

    Hello, I have two seedlings growing, and they were both growing pretty evenly until all of a sudden one just randomly drooped down, bent it's stem, and stopped growing completely. I have given them VERY little nutrients (just a tad bit of 20-20-20, not a lot at all). I don't think I overwatered...
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