stunt growth

  1. B

    Autoflower Stays Small

    Hello everyone i've got an issue with my plant. Its a Purple Bud Auto by WhiteLabel, it's been 28 days from seed, was growing really fast but for 3 days now it stayed on the same size. Checked PH 5.6, temps 70F nutrients GHE, Led grow Light 2X Phlizon LED 600W each.
  2. M


    Hey fellow ppl, I’m a newbie grower so don’t @ me, I’ve had this little one for about a month and a half now.. I cut its lower leafs as they were turning and I wanted all the strength to be focusing on the top of the plant. I’m not too worried about this one but it just looks healthy and alive...
  3. T

    Help with autoflower grow - 2nd attempt - New grower

    Bought feminized mix autoflowers from CK. 2x4 tent 600W LED ffof mixed with light warrior more perlite 3 gal fabric pots 6 inch fan temp 75f tried trainwreck autos a month ago. only one germinated. stunted the plant to 4 inches tall started to flower gave it away try again with new seeds...
  4. CushKrusher

    The 3 Ladies

    Greetings 420's where-ever you are ;) its 420 somewhere right ;) Anyhow, First time grower here, had some AZ Reg seeds, saw a U-tube vid and a few Ref Vid's and got my seeds started, by using the water in the glass method, after 16 hrs saw 3 tap roots from the 3 (AZ Reg) seeds, moved them to...
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