sunshine 4

  1. Tommboy1973

    Second Outdoor Desert Autoflower In Arizona

    Hello everyone! I started my second grow a month ago, and finally have some pictures worth sharing. I’ve found this forum very helpful with my first grow. So much information gleaned from hours of reading posts, following other’s grows, and getting advice from the more experienced growers! So...
  2. Darkscotia

    Completed Darkscotia 3rd Mars Hydro 320 Grow - 4Bar 48 120cm - Fem Blueberry - 4x4x6 Tent

    Hello all and welcome to the show This will be my 3rd mars hydro grow with the pro 320 epistar. Growing in a 4/4/6 tent I will be trying out the new mars hydro lights bars. I will be receiving 4 bar 48 120cm light bars and will be installing on all 4 corners of tent. Hoping from this to get more...
  3. H

    Completed My LED Grow

    For legal purposes, all text and pictures are not real. Im behind on posting this and have a few days to catch up on so bare with me. Yesterday was day 7 of my first grow with an led setup.I got an entire new setup for this grow. List of supplies below: 3x Haze berry from rqs 2x4x7 tent...
  4. M

    Sunshine Mix #4 Aggregate - FAQ

    Hello Everyone! I have had some previous experience with soil grows. I was using full fox farm line up of nutes with their ocean forest soil. Results were good and had an easy to follow schedule. Plants veg'd to 16in and flowered under 600w hps. Each plant yield 1 1/2oz -2 oz. So with...
  5. C

    Feeding Frequency with sunshine4

    How often should I feed flowering plants in Sunshine4? I just switched from hydro so to soiless and buds aren't looking quite as dense as the hydro. Still need to hook up CO2 (never used with the aero system and buds were great). Need to find someone who can splice it into my main Propane...
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