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  1. 2019 Outdoor Grow

    2019 Outdoor Grow

    seedlings and early reveg
  2. 2019 Outdoor Grow

    2019 Outdoor Grow

    aMaphondo in seed after direct pollination, early seedlings and winter window weed in bloom
  3. B

    I want to grow some pot

    I put a seed into 655 ml of sunshine #4 and watered it.
  4. B

    L.A. Sunshine Grow

    Pics to be posted.
  5. R

    AU: Medical Marijuana Boom: Treasurer Weighs Up Coast plan

    Adam Benjamin's goal of turning the Sunshine Coast into a world leading supplier of medicinal cannabis is a step closer with a Bill tabled in the Queensland Parliament. And on Thursday Mr Benjamin has a meeting with Queensland Treasurer Curtis Pitt to discuss his company Medifarm's business...
  6. A

    OMG I have many problems - Please take it easy on me lol

    I need some help bad. And I am in the sunshine state Look it has been a long time between this grow and my last one like back in 1998. Had a great turn out but was using using a 300 metal halide. And HPS. now I am using a Mars light led 133 watt. And cfl'S I have 3 2700 cfl on is a big like...
  7. ElusiveQuark

    Indoor plants benefit from sunshine?

    Is it beneficial to take your indoor grown plants outside on occasion, weather permitting? Will the sudden change cause stress? Is ignorance bliss and keep them confined? I am considering implementing a stroll outdoors as part of my plants' regiment and wondered if there may be ill effects...
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