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super cropping

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    Intense training on legacy og by CSI humbolt
  2. Sativa dom week 16 harvest

    Sativa dom week 16 harvest

  3. Random dwarf plant before harvest

    Random dwarf plant before harvest

  4. Random dwarf plant harvest

    Random dwarf plant harvest

  5. Random dwarf plant harvest

    Random dwarf plant harvest

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    Before super cropping .
  7. Easy super cropping tool:D

    Easy super cropping tool:D

    I found this on line and bought it, used it on my plants, works pretty well I would say,
  8. Advocate420

    Advocate420's 2019: 2 Plant Medical Grow

    Hello ! Going to try starting a fresh journal and attempt to expand on making it useful for myself and others. A little About Me: I started growing in the last couple years. I finally have my own space to use how I see fit now and without it effecting anyone else. I call it comfort :p. I am a...
  9. B

    Help! Sour D - Day 40 and I broke one of the topped main stems!

    I accidentally snapped one of my plants main stems guys, almost like super cropping but I put tape and kept it in the upright position. It just happened an he ago so I'm wondering if I should leave it straight up or put it back bent. PLEASE ANY ADVICE????
  10. Hugh Splith

    1 Strain - 4 Pots - 500 Grams

    This will be my 3rd attempt at growing bud. I had 6 plants in my last grow (see my last thread) and finished with a measly 16 grams of smoke worthy bud, but it was a 3 and half month crash course on growing for me and I learned a lot. This time around I have more confidence, knowledge and time...
  11. aknoob

    Plant growing uneven - One side bigger than other side - pH testing

    This is the first plant I have grown with control over it but earlier on in the grow my brother cut off two sets of true leaves and this slowed down growth a lot. I topped this plant but the clone didn't survive. I used only water / Bio Root and the root didn't form. The leaves soaked up all the...
  12. K

    LED - Soil - Grow - OG Kush - White Widow - NL - Sour Diesel & White Berry

    Hi So this is my first grow. English is not my first language so there might be some spelling mistakes. What strain is it? og kush, white berry, white widow, sour diesel and nl. Is it in Veg or Flower stage? veg Indoor or outdoor? indoor Soil or Hydro? soil If soil... what is in your...
  13. C

    This place is snacks

    Okay, so I always wanted to start a new word... Something to replace "fresh" and "the bomb". I'm going with "snacks". I heard someone say "that's so nectar" the other day and I said to myself "that's pretty good, but it's not snacks"... Try it out for a week, see if it's sticky. Who doesn't like...
  14. S

    What type of plant training to use for highest yield?

    Hi I have a rough idea how I want to train my plants to be in order to best fill my space for best yield, but I was wondering what you guys think I should do to get it. I'll try to describe my space and how I want them, if I don't explain it well let me know and I'll try n make pics on paint...
  15. C

    How do I shorten my pant 4-5 days into a 12-12 light cycle?

    I really need to try and shorten my plant, I'm going to tie it down (lst) but I also know that topping can shorten and make the plant more bushy rather than tall which I want to do but I'm about 4 or 5 days into a 12 hour light cycle. Iv also heard of super cropping,( bending and damaging th...
  16. bluebell

    Bag Seed - Scrog or Super Crop Grow Box Journal 2013

    Hey guys, welcome to my first grow journal and my second grow. This is a hydro/aro/DWC grow modeled after stratlogic's 5 gallon buckets found here: I'll be growing from two bag seeds that came from the same bag, no idea what strain or type. My first grow is still flowering in an areo-garden...
  17. WizHigh

    LST or Super Crop?

    OK, heres the thing my plant is growing out of control and its short and bushy. Theres not enough light getting to the inside of the plant. The stock is extra thick and I was thinking of supper cropping but fear of snapping the stem all the way off. So I lean more towards LST. I just topped it 3...
  18. E

    When to start super cropping / topping clones

    Hey everyone, I've been browsing the web for a couple hours now, reading about super cropping / topping, and my question is, how soon can you super crop a clone? Would it be a good idea to start with smaller (around 6-8" clones) or wait? The idea would be to make this a mother plant BTW (24 hr...
  19. C

    DWC DIY First 420Mag Grow Journal SD-HV - Pics Will Be Frequent

    Whats the high like folks..My name's Che I got accounts at a few other forums but seems like this ones the MOST active so I will share my current grow with you guys for analysis, advice and entertainment purposes.:yummy: Now on to my set up I have a 15 gallon tote that I forged into a nice...
  20. hapgrowy

    Help Super Chopping flowering clones

    heres the deal, im growing outdoors and everyday i getting more and more weary about something happening to my baby, so im SPREADING her out heres two before i seperated them i have taken 4 clones from ma dukes who happens to be in her 3rd week of flower, now i need to know if i have to put...
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