1. Blew Hiller

    Best value indoor light just for starting seedlings - Advice please!

    I just germinated/planted two (2) seeds and was looking for an inexpensive supplemental light (they are on the south window now) to carry me through March. I plan on growing in our greenhouse Spring/Summer but not sure the weather will break in time without temps dropping below 60F. Thanks...
  2. 6ofOne

    Supplemental Co2 and temps question

    I had read on the forum tha supplemental co2 is not worth doing if the temps are not 85 or above. The post indicated that below 85 degrees the plant would not benifit from the extra CO2. I for sure wouldn't want to run my plants at 85 degrees. Is this true? What have you all experienced with...
  3. L


    Has anyone ever used skylights in their grow room as a supplemental lighting source?
  4. X

    Starting outdoors in spring

    Hi I live in northern California and I am wondering... If I start my seeds in March, probably March 15th, do they need any supplemental light? Will they just veg through the short days of the early spring and keep going till fall? I plan to make sure they do no freeze. At what point in a...
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