Best value indoor light just for starting seedlings - Advice please!

Seedlings and little ones can be grown with a regular light bulb (CFL, LED what not), as my boxes were in my shed and it got too cold and was messing with my little one, stuck it on top of a VHS cabinet under a floor lamp and it recovered nicely. You can get real close with the CFL 3-4 inches away as they don't put off a lot of heat and it seems the plants like it better that way. Or depending on how many plants you can get an el cheapo LED plant light at dept/hardware/home improvement store, I have one I use for my clones/seedlings that I got for under $30. As depending on where you live in widow sill may be 12 hours or less of light which IMHO you want more as don't want it to go into Flower before you get it bigger.
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