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  1. S

    LED question

    I've done a few grows with CFL's but was considering led's. this may sound basic to y'all but with a full spectrum light all the lights are on at once right? If so I assume switching to 12/12 puts them in flower and not the light kelven?
  2. 28 Grams

    Will switching to a 11/13 light cycle speed up the flowering process?

    I'm on a limited time frame, my plants are in week 6 of flower and I need to end the grow in 3 weeks. Soil, 1 gallon pots, Indica, FoxFarm Nutrients, Bud Candy, and Hawaiian Bud & Bloom. My runoff PH was 6.5 a couple nights ago. Will switching to 11 light/13 dark speed up the process...
  3. A

    Thoughts on EZ CO2

    Anything helps
  4. V

    Is it okay to transplant to bigger pot during the first weeks of flowering stage

    Hello guys, these is the firs time I grow any plant I have 12 bluberry and 2 unkonw strain in 4x8 tent tottal is 14 and all of them regular seed so I am thinking after the sex shown all the female I will transplant them to 5 gallon fabric pot they are now in 2 gallon fabric pot and I just...
  5. S

    Switching to LED'S question

    I am thinking of switching from 600 watt HPS and switching to thousand watt LEDs to cut back on my hydro consumption has anyone had any success with using LEDS and if so what brands are good to use?
  6. G

    Switching nutrients

    I just need to know how long I should flush for before switching to fox farm from advanced nutrients and how much stress is it gonna cause my baby girls?
  7. R

    Switching lights into flowering

    Good morning fellows. I still quite new to this whole grow thing as I am only on my 2nd try. The first turned out ok but not the best. thank god it was only 1 plant. I now have 6, 4 C99 and 2 Crown Royal. Anyways, my question is this. I am about to switch into flowering and want to go from...
  8. eScott

    Best time to change start of 12/12 timing?

    I have 4 plants that are in their 4th/5th week under 12/12 lighting. Due to my schedule I need to shift the on/off times an hour. I want to shift the whole cycle to one hour earlier, so I have the options of cutting the daytime or night time one hour short one time. I'm guessing switch it after...
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