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tap water

  1. Emilya

    420 Magazine's Official Girl Scout Cookies Comparative Grow By Emilya

    According to the tracking information, I will have a FedEx package at my door this afternoon, so I am going to get this journal started now, so that I have a place to post the picture of the package as it arrives. Here is the traditional start of a journal picture of the finished product that I...
  2. Hdinkleman

    Super Lemon Haze Grow Through Grid Scrog

    day 30 I have been purposefully trying to stunt this plants growth due to my “veg area” space limitations but now i got a tent. i will use it for just veg, seed starting, but anyways here it goes— - 1 nirvana super lemon haze seed - currently under a 75 watt 5000k cob - mixture of CANNA...
  3. H

    Week old sprouts stunted and purple, Help!

    My issue is that I have 2 stunted week old sprouts around 2.5 inches and 1 inch tall. The small one is a little older and was transplanted into new soil when its original leaves started to yellow and curl, that has now stopped. Both have a set of true leaves and new tiney true leaves growing in...
  4. WestSideGrow

    Tap water?

    Hello again 420 Members. A quick question, I filled a jug up with some tap water and am letting it sit to get room temp. Is there anything wrong with using tap water ? If so anything I can use to make it just as good ? And what's the deal/ point of using distilled water ? Please and...
  5. obliviconsent

    Bag Seed Male Pollinates a Bagseed Female - Lets See What These Seeds Can Do

    I let a male hang out a little longer than I should have in the grow room. So he pollinated one of my girls. They both came from bag seed. So I germed them and going to see how they grow. What strain is it? Bag Seed x Bag Seed :) Honestly, I think they are Sativa dominant. Is it in Veg or...
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