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Hello again 420 Members.
A quick question, I filled a jug up with some tap water and am letting it sit to get room temp.
Is there anything wrong with using tap water ? If so anything I can use to make it just as good ?
And what's the deal/ point of using distilled water ? Please and thank you everyone, Happy growing!:peace:
Re: Tap water ?

If your using synthetic fertz then you should be fine using tap water. I choose to use R/O water to feed my plants because I am focused on creating a healthy soil microlife and my water is heavily chlorinated and also is given chloromines. Also by using distilled or R/O water, what is in your water is more controlled and has less of a chance of a salt build up. There is less of a PPM in distilled water which means more fertz can be absorbed (the ones you want).

There are plenty of growers who use tap water and have great results.. personally I prefer the filtered water.. :)
Re: Tap water ?

Purified water is always better then tap water, aside from maybe good well water.

Tap water often has a high PPM, so when you add nutrients to this water you can cause nutrient lock-out or burn your plants. pH of tap water is usually awful too.

Use purified water and you will have much better results.
Re: Tap water ?

IMHO you should check the water survey testing for your water district. Some tap waters are really quite good. When you do R/O the water is nearly 100% h20. At first that sounds like a good thing and it can be. But it also means that nearly all the good minerals you want in the water like Cal, Mag and lots of trace minerals are not there anymore.

You can grow some great dope with most tap waters.

BTW many bottled waters are RO.
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