1. TDS


    GHE formula: 2 Grow / 2 Micro / 1 Bloom / 1 Calmag per 1 L
  2. Water Level vs EC vs pH - and what it means.jpg

    Water Level vs EC vs pH - and what it means.jpg

    Very useful chart for those who grow using hydroponic methods.
  3. N

    Auto issue on first ever grow

    My first grow, and it is.... interesting. I am growing 3 autos, 2 Tangerine Dreams and 1 Blueberry. The 2 TDs have had some weird growth, especially TD1 now in flower, but they are both producing bud, even with a weird mutation on one. The issue I am having is on the Blueberry. I'm on day...
  4. Dmanlee

    Nutrient deficiency help

    K so plants are doing good go into flowering bam leaves start browning .. Went up and down left and right checking everything from lighting to air to water ph and tds reading .. Found the problem but how do I correct it .. My soil is an all organic custom never used before mix...
  5. J

    Can I push TDS for better results in soil?

    Am I on the right track ? Quick story We run a sealed room CO2, light mover,1000 watt HPS in flower.The grow medium is homemade compost ,Earthworm castings,perlite,crab shells and a few other goodies.The plants are fed compost teas, and The Bio Canna line of nutes when we feel the need...
  6. Dusted

    Completed Dusted White Widow Hydroponic Grow

    Genetics: Crop King Seeds White Widow feminized Grow room: 10 ft x 12 ft bedroom, well light sealed. Continuous use of fan for circulation plus furnace Lighting: 600w metal halide. 10 day use of high pressure sodium bulb at end of stretch Hydroponics: 3x15 L buckets with rock media...
  7. F

    How is my raw well water for no till?

    My water tests; CaCo3: 7 Mn: .3 Fe: .2 TDS: 110 pH: 7.5 I'm assuming these measurements are grains per gallon, but it doesn't say on my test ='/
  8. Scrogdawg

    PH dropping in my RDWC system - Help please

    I copied this from an earlier post in another thread. This on a 2 plant RDWC system. I added Ca/Mg (CaliMagic) for the first time at 25% the bottle rating and that alone shot my TDS up by 100ppm, wasn't really expecting that. Also mixed my Flora series nutrients 10% heavier than in the past so...
  9. Scrogdawg

    PPM & Nutes?

    I've built a small 2 plant RDWC system and have just moved 2 seedling that were started in soil to DWC. My tap water has a PH of 7.4 with TDS at 140ppm. I'm using granular PH down to reduce the PH to 5.8. When my PH stabilizes at 5.8 my TDS has increased to +/- 650ppm before adding any nutes...
  10. infiniteJuan

    Measuring Runoff TDS & pH?

    I'm curious if anyone measures their runoff TDS and PH? How should the output compare to the input?
  11. H

    Cheap TDS pens

    Anyone have problems with cheap TDS pens? Tried testing a couple in conductivity standard of 2.76mS, but the both are in PPM and display about 1000ppm. Is this correct? The manuals say they have a conversion factor of 500. Does this mean that they should display 1380ppm in 2.76mS standard? Am I...
  12. millertm

    K potash and TDS

    I have added Pro Tekt by Dana Grow to my nutes. This potash is very alkaline and will push my non nutes feeding to about 9.5 PH, this is using 1 tsp per 2 gal of water and tap PH is around 8. So, I am now seeing an issue with high TDS after PH'ing water to 6.2. I just got a TDS pen and will...
  13. D

    My water TDS is 109ppm - It's ok to use it?

    Hi guys i have water with TDS 109ppm its ok for grow cannabis ? The tap 730ppm So what i use !!! i know cannabis grow need TDS 200ppm-400ppm range I hope to answer in short Because I have a weak English language Thank you:Namaste:
  14. B

    Someone who really understands TDS and pH please help!

    System: top the DWC Strain: white widow auto flower provided by sponsor AMS All right, so here's the issue: last Monday I noticed a exponential increase in nutrient consumption from my plant at a rate of 10—40 T DS of nutrients being taken up into the plant every day up till Friday...
  15. Lazarus13

    TDS meter calibration help

    So i was gifted a cheapo tds meter and it only reads up to 999ppm. I can make it work until i can afford a better one but my question is this... I have calibration solution that is 1500ppms. Can i dilute this in half with RO water to get 750ppm solution or does it not work this way? Ive always...
  16. flogger11

    TDS meter calibration questions, 500/700? EC1 EC2? Help!

    Hey guys, I am totally confused. I understand my TDS meter is testing the electrical conductivity of my water, but I just dont get how it all relates. I know there is a diff on how meter is built, 500 or 700, and that this affects the actual reading I get back from my meter. I am if I got a...
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