1. Jmills

    Wtf are these?

    Hey 420 community.... Can anyone tell me what these orange/yellowish maggot looking things? From what ive gathered from looking at pics online is that their aphid maggots but im not 100% sure. If it helps a diagnosis the 2 gals affcted are about 3 weeks old purple rock candy strain,im using a...
  2. F

    Hunger pains

    How can you tell if a plant is hungry?
  3. S

    Anyone help and tell what this is?

  4. J

    Almost there!

    Its hard to believe this all started from a seed. I am learning a lot with this first grow. Tell me what you think. Blackjack Master Kush
  5. B


    I've been lurking here a little bit decided I like to place and I'm probably going to stick around. On that note can somebody tell me how to edit my profile? I'd appreciate the help thank you.
  6. S

    Sexing a plant

    I think I have a boy on my hands, but hard to tell. Is it too soon?
  7. F

    Ready or not?

    I honestly can't tell if these are ready for harvest. I try looking at trichomes but can't tell the difference between clear or cloudy Please help fiireygrower Gallery - 420 Magazine Photo Gallery
  8. B

    Brown or yellow spots - I can't tell

    Hello there im about 3/4 weeks into my first ever grow and im using coco, and on some of the plants i can see an odd spot or two either brown or yellow i cant tell propperly, sometimes the edge of a leaf or two are slightly brown ish, the girls seem to still be growing quickly, how do they look...
  9. K

    I've looked through the Cannabis Plant & Pest Problem Solver - Pictorial

    But I can't tell what my plants problem might be, can YOU? TIA, katurango
  10. JayandFun

    Private Messages

    Sorry to bother! I was a creeper and now decided to be a member... I have a journal in progress and I have over 50 posts. I would love to be able to talk to my new friends thru messages. Can you please tell me what else I have to do? This site is amazing! Thanks! Jay and FunGoo
  11. G

    Male, Female or Hermie

    Hi, I am a new user and new grower. Can you tell me what sex this plant is pls. Thanks GailofMaine Gallery - 420 Magazine Photo Gallery
  12. E

    Hello and here is my show and tell

    I am an experimenter as a hobby. I apply methods ranging from chromatography, steam distillation, and now I have my new short path rig (hobby personal use size) and can take the purity level after Dry Column Vacuum Chromatography to nearly pure. This medicine has replaced a combined 7...
  13. J

    He Or She?

    Hey guys, So I posted a few weeks ago about my first grow and got some amazing pointers that have really helped my plants! I snapped some great pic so today and think he/she is ready to be sexed. Could someone with sexing experience tell me what they think? Thank again for all the...
  14. N

    Can you tell what sex this plant is?

    This is my first time growing and I'm wondering if anyone can tell me what sex this plant is? Should I be able to tell at this stage of growth? Would now be a good time to cut clones?
  15. S

    Can any one tell me?

    Anyone feel free to help me here
  16. H

    Does The Cannibus Plant Have A Brain?

    To tell it what to do; to regulate it's growth, to tell it when to flower and produce seeds..... Higher animals have a brain, the center which gives all the signals which keep us alive for eighty years or more. Cannibus plants must a center somewhere...But where is it?... They're obviously...
  17. S

    Someone tell me what's going on

    Okay I have 2 plants I've grown from seedlings they're about 3 feet tall but one of them is flowering the other isn't it's clear they're 2 different plants I feed and water them at the same time but the one that's not flowering is purple from root halfway up the tree but but appears to be very...
  18. K

    Newbie Needs Help With 3 Month Old Plants Sex ID Please

    I would have thought that I would be able to tell the sex by now! NOT! I am in So Cal, planted from seed mid march. Transplanted plant (1) from 5 gal pot to 15 gal pot a week and a half ago, plant (2) from 5 gal to a 10/12 gal. pot last night. Both were fairly root bound. So can some one could...
  19. K

    Help! I can't tell

    OK I am in So Cal, planted from seeds in mid march, transplanted plant (1) from 5 gal pot to 15 gal pot a week and a half ago, plant (2) from 5 gal to a 10/12 gal. pot last night. Both were fairly root bound. I would have thought that I would be able to tell the sex by now! NOT! So can some one...
  20. F

    First time grower

    So spent alot of time wanting to start but the time has now come tell me what you think
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