1. arellanobrian

    MarsHydro Perpetual Grow - Multi-Strain - Coco - Grow

    Hello everyone and welcome to my new grow journal, I took a small break from making a journals as i was getting used to my new location but im back on track. I decided to just make one continuous journal as i hate having to manage multiple if i do different experiments that dont go with the...
  2. Y

    First Grow - Green Crack - Advice Welcome - Thank You Everyone

    Soiless mix with the 3 part nutrient's. I have a pH tester and a tester for ppm and I've been using distilled water with cal mag. I have a 4x4 tent that is 84" tall, 6" inline fan bringing air into the tent and a 8" inline fan connected through my hood pulling warm air out. I have a oscillating...