thc bomb

  1. Summer Grow 2023-Sour G

    Summer Grow 2023-Sour G

    DAY 20 Sour G Photoperiod
  2. Summer Grow 2023-Sour G

    Summer Grow 2023-Sour G

  3. Summer Grow 2023-Sour G

    Summer Grow 2023-Sour G

    Day 17 Sour G photoperiod
  4. Summer Grow 2023-Sour G

    Summer Grow 2023-Sour G

    Day 17 Sour G photoperiod
  5. kush-mints-feminized-cannabis-seeds-best-THC-strongest-2022.jpg


    Kush Mints - strain of the year - strongest strain at Leafly in 2022
  6. The Vault

    Explosive: Bomb Seeds Join The Vault Green Friday Event

    Bomb Seeds have joined The Vaults Green Friday promo! All Bomb Seeds now have a 10% discount applied on The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store website for the duration of our Black Friday / Green Friday event. You can still apply further discounts in the cart like our GF15 for a 15% discount! Plus...
  7. THC Bomb.jpg

    THC Bomb.jpg

    THC Bomb
  8. CattleTurd

    CT’s Greenhouse Coco Grow: OG Kush, THC Bomb, Banana OG & More, Summer 2019

    Hello CattleTurd here, I’m a licensed medical grower in my state. I grow for personal use only, so I’m not trying to break any world records here. But the more the merrier. I have my setup in my greenhouse that I designed and framed, and spent way too much time and money on. The dimensions...
  9. 9CCBB861-0099-4DF4-BA49-292EA9B967AF.jpeg


    Thc bomb
  10. FB02D649-7A19-4BC9-AD39-CD000B59ADBE.jpeg


    Vac seal successfully Thc bomb
  11. 57078D4D-8C92-4021-A998-D47A9963C899.jpeg


    Vac seal works read bobrowns way it works woot woot
  12. A041696E-D9E5-4FAF-BDAB-C7DB5FA64850.jpeg


    Vac sealed first bag no option to stop it without getting a seal when I hit cancel button so squished first batch of 28 grams of Thc bomb by bomb seed sunset mars hydro 144 very nice buds it gives. Thank you @SmokeSara and team mars hydro ✊
  13. FBD366AA-4B54-4B17-A8F4-B2E859EABAB1.jpeg


    Nice white ash slow burning smoke thc bomb bomb seed thank you very much .
  14. 2298364C-3ED2-4584-B5E8-D5EB7C5452E4.jpeg


    In big double zip lock air tight bag with boveda sand then sealed inside a 5 gal bucket with air tight lid. Another 5-7 days of burping I will then put for vac seal .
  15. 192B5B55-610A-4E84-965B-ED345F758045.jpeg


    Thc bomb can’t describe he smell when I open the bag to be reviewed .
  16. 6C23BD1E-2A35-4719-A757-8C0D53CF97A3.jpeg


    Thc bomb no flash under the reflector 144 by mars hydro . Thank you for the light it’s been pretty good light over the last few years .
  17. 22BD90FB-C8D5-43D3-9B8D-D8F4BFADC3AA.jpeg


    Thc bomb never wheight this bid but should have I think good change 3-5 grams maybe more will see . It’s wet still
  18. 076B4A37-FBC2-47AE-8E74-AB7A337079A8.jpeg


    My Thc bomb day two low and slow cure courtesy sweet sue keeping it going . (Dr.ziggy) . She looks juicy I tell ya best to date I truly am thinking .
  19. 13B4A8F8-9B4E-4588-99BF-76D82E1B3903.jpeg


    My few testers buds week 8 not 7 like other few grams drying
  20. 764E756E-6B9E-4C89-A1F8-76E79885A677.jpeg


    What is left of the bomb seed girl
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