thc bomb

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    Big bomb day 14/80 flowering
  2. juz420

    6 Strain LED Grow - Germination - Nursery & Flower Room - Southern Star Seeds

    Hi Guys, I thought it was time to start my first journal at time of germination however I also have Nursery and a Flower room on the go at the same time so I will cover both! The strains I have going at the moment are at different stages of their lives and either in flower or veg or...
  3. G

    Discoloration on leaves but growing quickly - First time grow

    SOIL GROW Strain - THC Bomb (Purple City Genetics clone) # of Plants - 1 Grow Type - Soil Grow Stage - Vegetative. 19 days at time of posting. Started from clone. Bucket Size - 5 Gallon Lights - (1) 300 watt LED, 40inches away from plant. Nutrients - none added by watering. Nutes in soil mix...
  4. J

    JakPot's Hempy Bucket LED Grow - First Journal

    I am running Multiple Strains: 1. THC Bomb 2. Brooklyn Mango 3. Sex Bud 4. ? Not sure on the fourth. I have another BMango and an Afghan Kush X Black Domina (Freebie) germinating; whichever pops first is going in the veg room. The other is going in the seed room to make pollen. All of these...
  5. PurpleGunRack

    The Mother Hunt - Strain Search - Part 1

    The Mother Hunt - Strain Search, Part 1: Northern Lights, THC Bomb, Berry Bomb, Orange Bud 06MAY2016 Hi 420 friends and welcome to my 5th indoor journal :welcome: I decided to take my growing in another direction and not just grow ''random'' strain I find interesting, as the title...
  6. J

    First Grow! - Beginner CFL Indoor Grow - THC Bomb - BubbleGum+

    Hello guys and gals my name is Joint this is going to be my first ever grow i have been doing tons of research for weeks on everything related to cannabis growth i am very excited and hoping to get some great tips/feedback along the journey! I am using all female seeds purchased online...
  7. BpoBrad

    3x3 - Multi-Strain - Light Grow

    Greetings folks BpoBrad here for my first indoor grow (I've grow outdoors but that was years ago). I'm new to indoor agriculture, I have years of experience working and farming outside so this should be fun! :welcome: The Gear: Light- Mars Hydro II 700w LED Supplentary- Sun System 150w...
  8. M

    MassMedMan's Seeding Project - THC Bomb & Holy Grail Kush

    Okay, I picked two strains that are interesting to me that I'm going to try and make some seeds from. There are a few members I've watched or read about doing this and I figured I'd give it a shot. So, I got some Colloidal Silver, 50ppm which I'm going to dilute down to 40ppm. I've got...
  9. M

    MassMedMan's Seeding Project - THC Bomb & Stink Bomb

    Okay, I picked two strains that are interesting to me that I'm going to try and make some seeds from. There are a few members I've watched or read about doing this and I figured I'd give it a shot. So, I got some Colloidal Silver, 50ppm which I'm going to dilute down to 40ppm. I've got...
  10. R

    First Grow - Indoor Now - Outside & Inside Later

    Hello all I have often thought of growing because I have more friends that use weed than don't, but never really bothered trying because I didn't smoke myself. After a lot of research into the medical uses, pain relief etc, I have decided to try growing and seeing if I can grow something...
  11. Sorenna

    Sorenna's - 2015 - THC Bomb Auto & Strawberry Blue - Soil - LED

    Hi yall! :Love: I got my hands dirty today. Woo Hoo! I got to open up my tent and my light after theyve been sitting around and waiting for me. Yesterday I built the tent. It measures 48" X 24" X 60". It was super easy. The tent seems pretty nice to me, but Ive never had one before so...
  12. Sir Budlovski

    Budlovskis - 12/12 From Seed - LED & CFL Journal - THC Bomb & Multiple Strains

    Hey all As some would know I'm doing some 12/12 from seed growing for awhile because of electricity cost and low funds atm and speedy harvests, plus I've got some freebie fem seeds, reg seeds and a lot of bagseeds. Strains i have started so far are THC bom(reg), WoS Amnesia(fem), double Jacky...
  13. S

    Snaab's KC 45 & THC Bomb Indoor/Outdoor Grow

    Hello everyone, I wish that I would have gotten around to this sooner, but no better time than now to kick this off. I've never grown indoors before, and though this is my third year with a few plants outdoors I really didn't appreciate the specialized care and sheer variety of the...
  14. Bombman

    Hello Everyone - Here is a few pics of my Berry Bomb

    Hi all , Here are my babes at harvest . This is my Berry Bomb also growing Purple Kush and THC Bomb but as you can see my harvest will take a while lol
  15. Flower Child

    Flower Child Puts Seeds In The Soil Again 2013

    Hello to You- Old Friend or New! Thanks for stopping by and welcome to my second journal.:welcome: Pull up a chair and get comfy as we're just getting started. There will be a lot of LST, Topping, and Supercropping this time as I have a 7 ft tall tent and some pretty tall strains...
  16. DexterHashish

    Dexter's Soil Amnesia - Jack Widow - THC Bomb - Auto White Widow - First Grow Journal

    Hey folks, First grow here. Stoked to share! Here's whats up: 4 plants, plus a test run plant I have left over. Copied from my introduction - "Over the past few months, I decided to germ some stress ganj seeds (30's, dirtweed, shwag, whatever you call, just really bad disgusting cheap...
  17. Rhodeislander

    Rhody's Castle Seeds Project

    Hi all, Well this is kinda my second indoor grow, and second journal. I have 5 in vege from clones currently in the first journal. So here we go: Seeds from Castle (sponsor) THC bomb 2 seeds Prozac Shark Widow Northern Lights Low girl AK48 They were all germinated in a paper...
  18. ChillWill

    1st Grow - THC Bomb

    Hello fellow connoisseurs:Namaste:. Long time smoker... first time grower! I am just starting out. 04-25-13 I have the Virtual Sun 48 x 48 x 78 on order now. I will buy a 600w MH/HPS lamp kit next week.
  19. A

    1st Grow, 600w, coco/perlite, THC Bomb, Barney's LemonSourDiesel, ?clone?

    Howdy all! aggrowman is me, these are my babies, and this is my first go round. Sorry for the crummy cell phone pics. I hope to obtain a decent camera soon, but until then, this will have to do for now. I've been scouring the various forums for months before i started this grow and i think all...
  20. GDPTHC

    600w Lots-O-Strains Blue Planet SOG

    First timer!! Growing 5 feminized thc bomb 6 bagseed. hempy buckets under 184w cfl 6 6500k 2 2700k 23-27w each for veg,280w 12 2700k 23-27w each for flower. The thc bomb just got put in a shot glass today to germinate will let sit over night then over to paper towel method once tap root shows...