1. counting12345

    Dropping by

    dropping by to say hello. finally i'm in. read a couple of threads and im learning a lot already. i love to write and this place is gold. :thumb:
  2. B

    the fan flowing air threw the light

    the image is to the side but is this correct? also does the position where the light screws in matter...for example if you look on my diagram, the threads of the bulb are on the right. would it matter if the threads were the right side with the same direction airflow :420:
  3. SweetSue

    SweetSue's Threads

    This list started as a way for me to keep track of my threads, but it's become a resource. The list will continuiously grow, but the last post will always be the most current list. :Namaste: The list was getting too long for me to manage. This should solve my dilemma of "where is that thread?"...
  4. fanleaf

    What's up with all this Chinese bs?

    Mods....Has 420 been hacked or what? The last 200 new threads are all spam Asian type writing.
  5. Dave Groomer

    Not getting email notifications anymore

    Saturday afternoon was the last email notification I have gotten for any of the threads I am subscribed to. I tried going in and selecting all my threads and making them instant again, but still nothing. I was fine until Sat. :thanks::peace:
  6. Kbomb

    Co-planting a la Cannabelle anyone?

    Hello I am very interested in the concept of planting some spring onions (or other 'companion' species) in the same container, like what I have read with great interest on the likes of Cannabelle's threads. Does anyone do this regularly, or tried it before? Opinions good or bad?
  7. H

    Quick question

    I'm sorry in advance as I know the answer to this is in so many threads here but I just can't seem to find a straight answer. What is the best way for my mother with lung cancer to take the oil. Tacking? Eating? Or under the tongue? I got lost for over an hour in sweet sues study hall then...
  8. B

    How's it goin, eh!

    Hey fellow growers n tokers. I am from Canada and have read alot of great threads here and figured it was time to sign to join the site. Cheers!
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