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  1. Agemon

    Haze Extreme By Crop King Seeds

    I enjoyed growing this plant she was a great pheno! I fed her too much and burned her up, so take your time with her. The buds are super stoney and energetic too. I vaped it using the Kind Pen from Tru Va, it's an herbal vaporizer. The first hit on the green setting is full of flavor and if...
  2. Q

    My baby is dying! Please help!

    i cannot identify what is going on! ive had several issues throught the grow, first really high ph water, then way too much nitrogen, now this! please someone help me diagnose this poor baby!
  3. smokejoint

    85W CLF for seedlings?

    Hi guys, today i got a great 85W CFL bulb (6500K) for free, it was used only once. I would like to use this CFL light for my seedlings when the next outdoor session comes, only for 6 seedlings as i usually dont plant more. Will this light be good, or is it too strong or too weak? Thanks for help
  4. DoubleA

    Too much nutrient?

    Hey guys, My 8 blue cheese are 6 weeks into flowering and I was wondering what the color on the leafs mean. Is it too much nutriment, pH is not ok ? I water them with a ph around 5.8 and 6.2 and ppm around 800 with hanna. Any thought ? thanks ! :Namaste:
  5. S

    Sexing a plant

    I think I have a boy on my hands, but hard to tell. Is it too soon?
  6. O

    Problems with Foxfarm products being too hot - Way too hot

    recently purchased the soil trio pack from fox farm...tiger bloom ..grow big...etc.... followed the schedule exactly and in a week the nute burn was so bad all lower sunleaves died and curled up...totally wrecked my entire crop....nice stuff.... I did a google search and this is not a isolated...
  7. N

    When should I harvest? Please help!

    Hello all. I was wondering if anyone can help me, I've been growing a female for a few months now and I'm not sure if it's ready for harvest. I don't want to make a mistake and harvest too early or too late. Thoughts? Pictures included.
  8. L

    Plants All Dying on Me!

    Hi All, First time growing, and first time failing, badly. I'm looking for some insight into the issues I am having. After lots of reading and trying to remedy the situations, I had some success but only temporarily. So, firstly, I got a few clones, and have encountered the exact same...
  9. Ron Strider

    View: With Marijuana, Maine Should Go 'Low And Slow'

    The packaging for marijuana edibles sold in Maine dispensaries warns users to go "low and slow," lest they find out too late that they have consumed too much of the psychoactive cookies or candies. That's also good advice for the lawmakers who will decide soon how to implement the system...
  10. K

    Question - Is it better to harvest too early or too late?

    My problem is that we're going to be away from 9/6 to 9/23. I don't have anyone who can monitor it when I'm away. I'm afraid of my plant being too far developed when I get back, or even stolen. It's a dilemma I have to decide on soon. I did want this plant to mature more, to produce more of a...
  11. C

    Grow tent day time temp too hot!!!

    Thanks everyone
  12. TheFertilizer

    Jeez - What isn't wrong with these

    Yeahh, these sure aren't looking good, I think I might have fed them too early. These are Panama x Malawi on the top row, and Platinum Girl Scout Cookies x Cherry OG on the bottom. They've been above ground since about the first of the month, and I fed them two weeks ago when their cotyledons...
  13. R

    10" Rhizocore Netpots

    Are these 10" netpots too big to only grow 1 plant per 5 gallon bucket (DWC)? Also if said pots aren't too big, will a 1.5" rockwool cube be big enough? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  14. GodOfPot

    UVA/UVB Lighting

    I know there's another thread touching on this, but I wanted opinions specifically involving UV light and didn't want the other thread going off topic too much. So UV lighting. I've read that UVB helps produce additional THC while not contributing to CBD production, and UVA help with the...
  15. B

    Pale lower leaves - Normal?

    Hi all – first time grower this year (though I'm a farmer/gardener, experienced w/other plants.) I have two indicas (Platinum Bubba and Woody Kush) in 20" pots, growing since May, and the lower leaves are turning pale yellow... is this normal at this stage? They've been fine up until the last...
  16. A

    LED light too powerful?

    I think the led are killing my seedlings... Perhaps I had them a weee bit too close and killed 3 sprouts so far, managed to bring one back and tried him under the light with only the same outcome. Sprout falls over into the soil, lifeless and stringy looking. I germinzed 2 more auto fem and...
  17. J

    How do you remove hash from 25mic screen?

    I don't want to damage anything but it's too sticky. How do you remove the pollen and what do you use?
  18. derek910

    Too soon to scrog?

    I'm on day 32 with this Blue Dream. Is it too soon to scrog? I'm not really sure when I should start it?
  19. N

    New grower

    Hi gents, Completely new to growing (and new here) and was looking for some advice. Hopefully this is in the right section? I have a mother plant at home which is growing fast, I didn't even think they grew so big but this thing is huge (IMO). I have it in a small greenhouse to keep prying...
  20. T

    My name says it all

    Hey everyone, I have been sort of lurking around for a little bit - I'm like the kid on the fringes of the group who wants to join the fun but is too chicken to try it. I'm an over-30 woman living in Houston with my wife and our two young kids. I've only smoked a few times in my life, but I...
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