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  1. S

    Hello - All help is needed!

    I'm an avid marijuana user. But never had intentions to grow. Non the less find any use for it whether medical or just to get high. Anyways, a friend of mine one day recommended I grow in my house so that I wouldn't have to buy and plus I don't work so it would be a fun little hobby. Yeah...
  2. B

    Coconut oil storage

    Hi, I cooked up a plant and put it in some melted coconut oil. After 2 weeks it started smelling awful. Should I have kept it in the fridge or is this just how long it keeps for? I used to brew a lot of beer so took a few steps to make sure nothing nasty got in. But normal coconut oil...
  3. B

    Need to make sure system is clean

    I haven't smoked in a month and then Saturday I took 3 hits and then Sunday I took 3 hits...how long will it take to leave my system while I drink water cranberry juice and run to sweat?? I think I will have a drug test this week or next week
  4. bipolar

    My Clones Are Not Growing Roots

    Today is day 11 for the first batch. I took 12 cutting off a mother plant grown from Crop King CB Dream seeds. I took the cuttings with a Exacto knife cleaned with bleach. Cut them at a 45 degree angle and applied fresh Clonex root gel and placed them in 1 1/2" rock wool cubes that are wet but...
  5. I

    Leaves curling up very quickly

    Hi Guys, wonder if anyone can shed some light on this. I have 2 autos under a small led set up in an old fridge. they have been growing pretty well so far but today my biggest plant reacted strangely. When i got home and checked they were fine, i took one out to photo it and spray and after...
  6. G

    Hi All! Newbie Greengrower from Canada

    Nice to be here! Good to have a great reference place. Although I am not new to Gardening; I am new to growing my own medical as its just so much more cost effective.(or so I hope if I do it right). Took waay too long for my cert but I have it now so hopefully will have a medical batch for...
  7. B

    What should I do for yellowing of new growth?

    HI and thanks for your time. i have a seedling that is growing slow and its new growth is yellowish. Not sure what i should do. my grow journal is here Broccoli's Journal. Soil-LED-Tent-Auto Caramelicious 2017 around a week i took note of the light color...
  8. L

    Cuttings showing buds

    Uhoh. I took cutting from a couple of lovely ladies just before switching them to bloom. They were both about 3 months old at the time and are coming along splendidly. I took the cuttings from low on the plants, culled all but 2 from each and they have been doing OK. This morning I took a...
  9. Heraldo

    Heraldo Goes Frankenstein On An Aerogarden

    After not being able to complete my last journal this summer, I'm back with a new project: I took my old AG, took it apart and rebuilt it to use 4 normal bulbs and an external airpump. At the moment I've got about 100w of CFL, which is probably too much, considering it's for a week-old seedling...
  10. OldSchool 64

    World's biggest Crop King Seeds joint

  11. TheFertilizer

    Advice on clones?

    I have had these clones in the dome for a few weeks now, I took them like a week after switching to 12/12 so they took a while. They're rooting now but I notice their leaves yellowing. Do I need to increase the strength of their solution, or maybe move the light up? Also it seems like mold...
  12. D

    So bummed

    I got in trouble with the law and was placed into the diversion program, so I quit smoking about 2 months ago. The whole time I worked out and sweat a lot and drank a ton of water. I took an at-home test and passed. I went to the lab and took my base-line test last Wednesday and got my...
  13. N

    Hermie or male plant help!

    Hi guys Im on my first grow about 6th week of flowering. I had 4 plats in my tent. But one was acting odd so i took it out and out it in the balcony. The odd thing was that this perticular plant was not keeping up with the others in flowering so i got scared and took it out. Can any one help me...
  14. E

    Mouth swab

    I took a drug test at 9am today. I smoked 2 fat joints and took hella dabs yesterday around 4:30 or 5:00. I found out about the test after I smoked. I did a lot of research about the drug test, which was a cotton swab that will be sent to a lab. I scrubbed my mouth vigorously last night and...
  15. W

    How are my chances to pass?

    Hey all, I smoked about 4 times between April 22 and April 27th. I then smoked half of a bowl on May 3rd. Before smoking April 22nd, I took a month off. I only smoked at most twice a week, but mainly once a week or less before April 22nd. I took a home test a week after the last time I smoked...
  16. A

    Hello from an Alaskan Newbie With a Question

    I'm a 61-year-old retired teacher. Now that I'm no longer teaching I thought that I would try growing my own to relieve chronic back pain. I've had 4 operations and have been using prescription Vicodin for years. I started smoking again after a 25-year pause and found that, while pot didn't...
  17. E

    Eddie 1912

    At college I start smoking on the weekends and after 6-8 months, I stop using my Ventolin for the first time in my life. It really work,, just having fun and very cheap to. I took a 50 ng cutoff at 15 ng yesterday, I ve been clean for 154 days, I took a home test 6 weeks ago and it came...
  18. J

    Need help on passing urine test

    ..... Alright so yesterday i chilled with my brother we was going to go to his house but we stopped by at his friends house and say wassup and whatnot, they wanted to smoke some weed down in the basement i was kinda paranoid little bit, i been clean since august 2014, and took 1 hit of what they...